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Hello Newgrounds! This will be my third cc submission. I think im finally starting to get better at drawing stuff too. Hopefully you all enjoy this one.


The last user...

has obviously failed to grasp the simple and subtle beauty that are all clock films. The Clocks are not about the aesthetic of art-making - although almost all of the clock animators are in reality brilliant artists, the clocks - similar to the DaDaists of the early 20th century, are a group of artists who make fun of the absurdity of seriously judging artwork.

Strawberry Clock is a genius, akin to Marcel Duchamp, where B - is a veritable copy of DuChamps famous 'Fountain.' My friend, if you hate the clocks, you will never be alone - but vocalizing it does state the extent of your intelligence - and the limited scope of your vision.

The art of the clocks is brilliant in its simplicity - and the Clock Crew represent the Radical Avant-Garde of the Newgrounds Flash Portal. Let the conservative and reactionary few TRY to blam the clock movies - They are simply hindering the progress that will one day - be rememebered far better by the masses than any of the nice looking - and generally un-eventful movies produced by so many others. Do you think LittleFoot will ever earn a spot in the Urban Dictionary - as the Clock Crew has?? Most likely no. While Beautiful, there is nothing avant garde about this work.

So - to the previous User who reviewed this movie and said that all clock movies are un-original - I say to you, - The Clocks are the most original thing on the portal. And their work will be remembered long after yours have faded away into internet history.


Nice job Fork Clock!!


ForkClock responds:

ThankYou for your kind review! I agree with you completely on your argument as well. Most people that blatantly vote all zeros, have no concept of art at all. Personally, i do not feel that i am anything special as far as art is concerned. But, the CC definitly has some really talented artists in it. Personally one of my favorites is LeekClock. If you take a look at his work, even a complete ASSHOLE couldnt give it a 0. Some people just like to hate, because they CAN over the internet. But all of their bitching and whining will get them nowhere in the animation world till they try it them selves. I noticed that one of the 0's that i received came from someone who has not submitted anything, or at least hasnt gotten anything through the portal. With that said, i can completely go on without feeling guilty thinking that he is a douchebag. Anyways, thank you for your review! I appreceiate it.

good job

good drawing and work. fifened


ForkClock responds:

Thank You Habanero! Hopefully im proving myself to be improving to some of the older more seasoned Clocks! Still learning flash and getting drawing skills, but hopefully ill be pretty decent by the end of the year!

Haha, very awesome!

You gave this entry a 5, raising its score from 2.3077 to 2.3238!

Very awesome movie. I got a few tips.

A few things you should learn about is...

Frame Rate &
Smoothing (If you have Flash MX 2004 or higher)

First of all, easing. When you do tweens, they usally just go where there supposed to, then stop. With easing, it slows down before the end, more realisticly. To do this, go to the first frame of your tween, click properties, and look for the thing that says "Easing" and raise the bar beside it to 100 or how every much you want (i usally always use 100) That will make it go, then slow down. If you put it at negative 100, and will go really slow, then speed up, like what you would use for a punch, or a car speeding away.

Frame rate is how many frames per second your movie runs. So the more frames, the smoother it goes. I usually use 30, and the default is 12 (Which is what I think you got it at.) To change your frame right, look where your timeline is (Where all the frames and layers are) and go down a little until you get to a grey bar, that says the number of frames, the frame rate, and how long it is. For example, this is roughly what it would look like

475 12.0 fps 39.5

Now hover over any part of that, and double click, and a little box will come up with some options, and one of them would be frame rate. Put in any number you want :)

And last part is smoothing, this will make your paintbrush strokes much smoother.

Click your paintbrush tool, and click properties, if you have Flash MX 2004, or higher, it will say smoothing there. Sometimes it will not show up automatically, so click the paintbrush again, with properties all ready open.

Well I hope this helps, looking forward to more movies from you!

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ForkClock responds:

Actually............THIS WAS REALLY FUCKING HELPFUL!!! Ok, you were right on almost everything, except i DID use 20 fps instead of the standard 12. I havnt really messed around with easing at all, i looked at a short tutorial the other day, and JUST started practicing it, so i definitly need to start incorporating that. Smoothing on the other hand....Ive tried using it a few times, and i can never get the desired effect that i want. It doesnt seem to work very well at the point where multiple lines connect. I dont know if thats just me, or what. Oh, and back to the fps, i didnt even know that you COULD change how fast it was going at different points!!!! i just thought that once you picked the fps, it stayed that way! damn, you definitly get the A+++++ award for helpful reviews. You rock, and thanks for the great input!!


that was good. i know that you have rushed it but you desvere(can't spell well) a better score than a 5. that deathclock was good and that was a big,badass scythe and his powers to kill was awsome. all i'm saying is that it was good but just needs a little more work that's all.(hope that doesn't discourage you) please don't feel bad.

keep up the good work,Forkclock! <3 ;)

ForkClock responds:

:-) I actually made this one a few months ago. I know I can do much better now. Thank you for the review though <3


you are on the path to enlightment my friend, welcome, DeathClock!

ForkClock responds:

Thank you for the AWESOME review! that means alot especially coming from someone of YOUR stature!! Im gonna keep at it till i start gettin up in the 3.0 and better range.

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3.57 / 5.00

Nov 12, 2005
8:47 PM EST
Comedy - Original