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Flash:The Basics

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Nov 12, 2005 | 2:57 PM EST

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Just a small tutorial for anyone who has ever felt lost in the world of "Sprites" and "Motion Tweens"



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Wow.. you kind of.. suck, sorry

I ditto the last review.. and would further like to add.. you have no right ever to review anyones flash ever.. you obviously dont know Anything about flash.. it sucked.. try making a normal one.. or have you failed at making anything besides a sucky turorial which frankly.. wouldnt teach anyone anything. Anyone who actually was on here in the first place would know these basics and if not.. could view them in lessons or tutorials found on the program itself.

You just made a mockery of flash.. and newgrounds itself.. how can you tell other people their animations are crap when yours is the worst on the shelf? seriously your as bad as strawberry clock.

Poo to you

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Needs work

The first suggestion I have for you is to improve your loader screen. Put the word 'loading' (add eclipses maybe [...]) and create an engaging background to the viewer...preferably black or a cool colour such as blue. The flash really is not effective when I see a white screen with a back outlined button with the word 'play' in the centre. Imrpoving this will keep viewers attached to your flash.

The same suggestion goes for your menu. A user friendly menu (one that engages the reader) is more effective and easily liked. I was happy you included music (Crazy Motorcyle Chase is an interesting composition). Calmer is also effective too. Work on your background for this menu and make the buttons more user friendly.

The next suggestion I have for you is to change your resolution. Make the width bigger than the height as flash are more effective in this format - like movies are at the cinema.

The final suggestion I have is the actual tutorials themselves. An effective tutorial holds various styles of learning which the reader can assosociate with. Some can read from a book where otheres rely on images (like me). Put some screenshots of the flash work and stick them into the flash so learning animators are able to grasp where they can change the frame rate, where they can modify the Action Script and such. You must also remember that not everyone has the same version of flash, so this is why imagery is needed at times. My final suggestion goes for when you click the buttons. Remove the sound effect that follows as this makes the reader less inclined to hold an interest in the flash.

Overall, it was a good start for a tutorial flash, but a lot is missing. Work on what I have suggested and I hope that you can produce something more powerful in the future.


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Why do you have to keep making tutorials people!?! Its not your fault if people have crap for submissions. Im sick and tired of hgaving the Portal full of tutorials! And the rating has nothing to do with anything.


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Well then...

Its a great tutorial and all

but for the actionscript part... make it Input Text

so people can copy and paste it to flash
and explain to noobs how to put actionscripts into flash
because in most of my tutorials that explain flash... they all ask..

" HoW Do Y0u P00t Acti0nScRipTs Into Flash? "

and i have to explain to them in a email and it gets annoying

so everything is fine but just fix that up there and it be perfect!

-Justin :)


Rated 4 / 5 stars

helped with me with the actionscript.

Helped me who, until now, knew nothing at all about actionscript.