The Cat Music Video Amped

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I submitted the first music video and I didn't get the kind of feedback I had expected. It turns out all those people who revied the first one were right. It was a little boring so I amped it up a bit and now it's very very very good!:D I added a scripted camera (thanks to the Big Fat Tutorial) and the background is a little difforent. It looks really good so I hope everone enjoys it as much as I do!:D


Not bad... not good but not bad

Not really my type of music but it was nicely done. the graphics could have been a little better.

This was pretty nice

The actual animation wasn't that great, but you gave some cinematography a whirl, and thats good. You also had a good little riff on each of the instruments, but I think you could have made a lot more with this if you had done some better instrumentation than what you did. It's not really musically a good idea to keep the same riffs and just cut some of them in and out. It makes it seem like you were just trying to stretch a few riffs farther than you should and just needed something to do with them. If thats what was really up, then thats a whole other issue. I don't want to be too critical, but music is what I do, so I guess I'm a little picky :) The video wasn't bad, you did a good job on making an interesting background, and I like these ones with the cat characters better than your little bubble ones. You should do more of them. Keep it up!

lightningbomb responds:

thanks i'm glasd to hear some feedack. and i am currently working on a animation with the cats. i need to finish writing it before i start animating it. check out my site for more info. thanks again. o and i saw and reviewed motorcycle stunt. it rocks! :D


good for a garageband song. got really repetitive though.

good one

very interesting animation you got here.... especially the drawings. they were pretty good.... but maybe less flashing lights in the background. the choice of song was pretty good too.... not my style of music, but it was good nonetheless.
overall, it was a pretty cool animation.

lightningbomb responds:

thnks alot glad u liked it!:D

Nice improvements

First of all, the preloader in this flash was good. Nice background animation there. Just one thing, is it possible to have the text as symbols or whatever? I did have a little problem with trying to right click on the flash when I was on the preloader. Hopefully that's something that can be fixed.

This flash, it's a nice improvement to your other flash. The graphics and music were the same as your original version of this flash. The graphics are good. The background and the lights in this flash. I know they were on the other flash, but still nice to see them.

I liked the improved animation here. Good use of zooming there. The way you had the zoom to the cat(s) that were playing the instruments. I think that had made this flash better. It made it more interesting. :) Nice work and good improvements made.


lightningbomb responds:

thanks for the tips! :D and about the right click thing i don't understand what u mean.

thanks again!!!!

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2.76 / 5.00

Nov 12, 2005
2:24 PM EST
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