3 Dudes And A Puppy - Ep1

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A Daily Feature! Awesome! Thanks so much, people!... and a Front Page! Thanks Tom (it is Tom that controls the front page, right?).

Three Dudes And A Puppy - Episode 1: "Where's The Puppy?"

This is the pilot episode of my fantastic series, Three Dudes And A Puppy... I use the word "series" lightly as I've only just finished this one and haven't started others yet, but I will do others, it just takes a while.

This pilot is 8 minutes long, and full of comedy and confusion, so enjoy it! All music was written and performed by me (except one song was performed by me, written by Steve Howe).

Why are you still reading this? Watch it! If you've seen it already, watch it again!


this is EXELLENT!

This is exellent. I like the rock baseball card, and how its a friggen rock. and the text on the radio.
But.... where the hell is the 2nd one?

this rox

was that the lama song on the radio? man this is one of the best toons ive ever seen .by the way somone ripped this off this site to anotherwebsite i cant say or advertise beacause its agenst the rules , anyway good job!

Absou-frickin-loutly Hilarious!!

Three dudes and a puppy and your baseball cards and ur stupid hat... It isa masterpiece

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So very funny

This is so funny. It has been a long time since you submitted this and you still have not made three dudes and a puppy ep 2. Please make three dudes and a puppy ep 2...or ill cry

Hehe, it's very funny!

Lol.... I'm guessing you don't like Barbara Streisand or Mark Hamill! Very good video, I hope to see more.

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Nov 12, 2005
7:03 AM EST
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