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3 Dudes And A Puppy - Ep1

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A Daily Feature! Awesome! Thanks so much, people!... and a Front Page! Thanks Tom (it is Tom that controls the front page, right?).

Three Dudes And A Puppy - Episode 1: "Where's The Puppy?"

This is the pilot episode of my fantastic series, Three Dudes And A Puppy... I use the word "series" lightly as I've only just finished this one and haven't started others yet, but I will do others, it just takes a while.

This pilot is 8 minutes long, and full of comedy and confusion, so enjoy it! All music was written and performed by me (except one song was performed by me, written by Steve Howe).

Why are you still reading this? Watch it! If you've seen it already, watch it again!

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...and apparently the only one

It is a pity that more episodes were never submitted to Newgrounds, or that this is also the last thing you submitted in Newgrounds in awhile. What is strange is that the animation looks kind of simplistic, but it really works well in the atmosphere. What matters most is the way the jokes are delivered is brilliant and cool. There are always things in the background to look at, like the sign that says, "Clouds On Strike". It helps that the puppy is so cute, especially how he just bounces around. I love their names.


That was great! "Are you coming on to me?" "I thought you wanted me to..." This movie is hilarious.

er du norsk?

kult :D


This was a really fantastic entry. The random style of humour really sits well with me, and was welcomed. From the arguement over inconceivable and inconcievable, the random funny hat and later added mustache and monocle, Catman, and the blind ostrich playing ragtime on a broom, everything worked so well just because it was all done straight-faced.

Kudos also for the random Llama Song cameo half way through , and the mellow acoustic version during the credits. You can never get enough Llama song!

I know it's been three years since this was relased, but I am still holding out hope that another entrry in this series will be released someday.


ahh well at least every thing worked out in the end :) ... kinda

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Nov 12, 2005
7:03 AM EST