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Ratbag & Furball #03

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Author Comments

Ratbag & Furball at:(http://www.freewebs.

WHOA! I made it to front page for the first time! Thanks, you guys! This means a lot to me!

I promise i'll keep making more Ratbag & Furball cartoons! This is more than enough encouragement!


Ahhh... Nostalgic Saturday Morning Flashbacks...

I must truly thank you for creating this series.

The drawings are simplistic but have a very appeasing style that echos back to some of those wonderful saturday morning cartoons of old.

I was also quite happy to see this episode went for a different approach the previous two episodes. While I enjoyed the previous entires, they did echo too much back to Itchy & Scratchy and Tom & Jerry. I find it amusing how it looks like they are getting along and playing video games together yet it is obvious they are equally frustrated with each other via their dreams. It added a slightly different angle to the cat & mouse cartoon concept.

I also appreciated the little light-hearted anime touches in the animation/sound that echoed back to one of my old-time favorites, Heathcliff & Friends.

My main qualms with the episode are basically little knitpicks. The sound quality with the FF7 battle theme during Ratbag's dream changes in quality three times, from mediocre to good to bad. Also, I do find some inconsistences between the episodes as far as the characters go. In Episode #1, Ratbag and Furball had a Tom & Jerry-like relationship. In Episode #2, Ratbag & Furball had a Itchy & Scratchy relationship where Ratbag was a complete psychotic and Furball was nothing more than a victim. Now we have the current Odd Couple/Grumpy Old Men style of relationship.

If you're just experimenting with different ideas involving the characters, that's fully understandable. But I must say I definitely enjoy the current relationship between the two in this episode, putting on a friendly face around each other when they can but secretly cannot stand each other. I think it just adds more to the whole cartoon.

Overall, I really enjoyed Episode #3. Keep up the fantastic work!

stoners-lunchbox responds:

Ratbag & Furball's relationship is as unpredictable as i am. That's what should make you want to see more episodes. It'll keep on changing, but the adversities between the two will always be there. They'll just manifest themselves in different ways.

I'll keep up the work. That's a promise i'll have no trouble keeping.

I'm working on a new episode. This one will be quite a surprise to current Ratbag & Furball fans. They'll probably hate me for it.

Thanks for the feedback!

Yes indeed

Ok, i really really liked it. It was cute and funny, also i always LOVED tom and jerry, so this of course is funny to me. (not saying your ripping off tom and jerry or anything, i just mean how the cat and mouse are against eachother and stuff) but i really enjoyed it. It was really short though. GJ make more, ill go watch your other 2 right now!!!

stoners-lunchbox responds:

LOL! Don't worry! I'm working on a new episode as we speak! You'll be seeing more Ratbag & Furball real soon!

Thanks for the feedback!

very nice =>^.^<=

yay another Tn J type toonage woo hoo ton n jerry rule (wish it was still main stream :(

stoners-lunchbox responds:

Yeah, me too. I miss the days i'd wake up to a Tom 'n' Jerry episode. They made me laugh like an idiot all the time... :(
Shame, shame, shame.. Guess it's up to me to revive the Cat 'n' Mouse tradition...

I'll do my best! Thanks for the support!

ok... i guess...

gr8 sound quelety! thats the best thing there... good graphics too...

stoners-lunchbox responds:

Cheers, big ears!


Reading the last review I guess you haven't realised THIS GOT FRONT PAGE AND SECOND PLACE. I watched this as soon as this came on newgrounds (It was submitted just after three dudes and a dog) Well anyway well done for frontpage.

stoners-lunchbox responds:

Nah i realised yesterday night. And i DID know it received second place. But my score was still being lowered and that kinda made me wonder why it got second place if everybody thinks it's average.

Thanks for the support!

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Credits & Info

3.40 / 5.00

Nov 12, 2005
6:27 AM EST
Comedy - Original