Scorched Earth: The Movie

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Scorched Earth: The mother of all games... and now, the mother of a brand new Flash movie! Wendell Hicken's classic projectile tank game comes to life (again) in movie form, featuring more surprises than you can shake a funky bomb at, in an epic battle that rages across the Earth AND BEYOND.

(And if you don't like this movie adaptation of the game, just remember that at least you didn't have to pay to see it like you did for "Doom: The Movie"! :P Eh? Eh? BOOYAH.)



The VERY first flash I have ever seen in my life. Took me 3 days of searching just to find it, and its under Game Parodies..... Sigh, wat a life.

But anyway, you get the 10/10 for this, and a vouch to front page this as an oldee

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I loved the song.

Moral: even thou half of earth was destroyed and some part of moon and moon man lost a house, we have gained a very big lesson that peace and frienship is everything, and that we no matter what our colors are can live togheter. Even thou half of wearth was destroyed :D.

simply amazing

i still have an ms-dos version of SE, which you really can't run on a new pc (it's a little touchy.) a great tribute to an awesome game. why hasn't anybody made a flash version i wonder?


wow, people really seem to hate your sentimental ending...i liked it...because i know, in the back of my mind...they are going to have one hell of a threesome, on the moon. and that makes me happy.

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TmsT responds:

At last, somebody who's not stupid. :D

hahahahaha oh man

For the first little bit I was laughing at how big of a piece of shit it was and wondered why I was wasting my life. Holy shit, it got really good and entertaining to my amazment.I FUCKING LOVED IT.Especially the litte crazy fucker in the boat fuckin paddling around. MAan you think up some crazy ass shit.

Keep up the shit dude.


TmsT responds:

Heheh. At the start I intentionally made it "boring" ... well, similar to the game (which is NOT boring!) ... but deceptively so, so that it could gradually work its way up to justified craziness. :) Glad it worked on you.

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4.12 / 5.00

Nov 12, 2005
3:09 AM EST
Comedy - Parody