Scorched Earth: The Movie

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Scorched Earth: The mother of all games... and now, the mother of a brand new Flash movie! Wendell Hicken's classic projectile tank game comes to life (again) in movie form, featuring more surprises than you can shake a funky bomb at, in an epic battle that rages across the Earth AND BEYOND.

(And if you don't like this movie adaptation of the game, just remember that at least you didn't have to pay to see it like you did for "Doom: The Movie"! :P Eh? Eh? BOOYAH.)



... pretty funny and, most importantly, featuring that fantastic, classic game, Scorched Earth. I have many fond memories of cut throat duels with my friends playing scorched, so extra points just for that, though I did wish the movie had stuck more to the classic gameplay before going into the silly mode. On technical aspects, pretty nifty, well animated, using simple but effective graphics (as it had to be, after all scorched never had exactly fantastic graphics). The sound was pretty good, except for the song from the final sequence, which, incidentally, was a bit too long. Still, a good solid movie.

TmsT responds:

I reckon Scorch could do with a few mushroom clouds meself... But yeah. A great game, worthy of a movie.

uh waht?

Awesome! And I thought nobody heard of that game. :P
(but then again... I thought the same of Commander Keen
until I saw FEF)

Hamish or Not can't beat me. How much USD have you got
out of me so far??? Snail mail is awesome.

TmsT responds:

I hope more people will seek out Scorched Earth and play it and love it as I do.

Hamish has also paid me moneys previously (like, during that Paypal Deathmatch), so don't let him best you this time! ;)


that was great, my prefered movie on NG, till now

My house!

Damn, you, Red Guy! You used my own fricken house as a weapon against me!

My houuse! :( :( >:(

TmsT responds:

Yellow Guy, you mean.
Red Gal saved your ass!!!


that was a touching movie, i have played scorched earth before(in school time i have to admit). i really liked this movie.

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4.12 / 5.00

Nov 12, 2005
3:09 AM EST
Comedy - Parody