How to make a good Flash2

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Well... I did the first one as a joke in two hours and I got a decent score on newgrounds for it's humor. So I decided to do a sequal with a bit more effort on it. Welcome to the most exclusive section of newgrounds. The orbituaries.

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Your girl.

Looked batterin the first one.


just needed 2 ask a question, wow the f**k do u get the credits effect cause i'm a clueless flash animator. and i dont read the flash help cause it sux and its hard 2 understand. by da way person below me in these reveiws, the names aerith, not aeris, i was offended cause thats a star sign. k im just gonna shutup now

Muffinator responds:

The credit effect is simply making a text box tween up the screan all the way. Since the text box is huge it seems like it's moving slowly.

I didn't find it funny, but I see why others would

I found it pretty weird how the head of the main character lady (Muffinator?) was so well made but was ruined by a craptacular body. The Aeris dying joke, well, I liked that, too. Why would I blame it? Oh, yeah, not much to it.

Muffinator responds:

Heh. The graphics werent the focus of it. So the head and the body didn't mean all that much to me. Thanks for the review anyway. :3


don't ask me why but I avtually like the first 2 crap animation examples, the clock one sucked tho

Muffinator responds:

Heh. xD I over exadurated them to make them -almost- worth watching.


The graphics in this flash were better than the first one. The animation was better as well along with the lip sync. The sound, there's the music and the voices (both real and Microsoft Sam). That was good. This flash, it was telling me more about the Obitauries. It was still good to hear about it, but for me, I prefer to have flashes that pass judgment and not to go the Obitauries. Still, I enjoyed watching this flash. Nice work.


Muffinator responds:

Hehe. It's supposed to make fun of the bad stuff on newgrounds. x3 If I did stuff that past judgement it wouldn't work.

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Nov 12, 2005
2:41 AM EST
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