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The Green Blur

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A scary clay animation, and i hope this works, and alos guys ive gotten a little better at flash, so this shud work,

ALSO im gonna try to comment on each review you make so i can tell you what i did wrong or anything

crap sorry the sound got off sync, when i tested it in flash it worked fine, well ignore the sound

also i think the ng preloader got messed up, so just right click it and play it, sorry guys

ALSO ONLY VOTE ON THE ANIMATION i wont to here about the animation, and tips to improve

also sorry its dark, (stupid compression) it makes it darker

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I normally don't like claymations. This one really isn't any diffrent. My advice is "Don't trust your flash player." Always upload it to another website and player it first with a copy of the NG window running allong with it to test it. just view the sourse of the NG flash window and paste it to a website with your info and stuff. very helpful actually. Now to the flash:

It was decent. not all that good but not all that bad eather. I don't feel this flash is ready for NG yet. keep trying you might get into the ranks of Knox one day even though claymations are lame :P

whiskas1 responds:

ok thanks, and i tried, but i couldnt get it to sync, but ill try harder next time


I like claymations but this one has low quality and

whiskas1 responds:

oh well the darkness IS THE POINT its a scary movie, ya

I dunno nothing about clayanimations.

But what I can help you with is the preloader.
The preloader bar isn't showing, coz I is white. The background is white also. White colour doesn't show on white, does it? So paint the background darker, or choose another colour for the load bar for it to show up. (you can adjust the colour of the load bar by double-clicking the NG preloader, than unlocking the loadbar layer and paint it!)

whiskas1 responds:

thanks, ya ive been having ALOT of trouble with the preloader, thanks for the advice

Good one!

Good one!
Only thing, get better sound for it.
The clayguys move smooth, very good!

whiskas1 responds:

ya im really pissed that the sound got off sync, it was fine in flash, got any suggestions anyone on how to make the sound stay on sync


Easily the best claymation on NewGrounds... Animation-wise.

Nice job.

whiskas1 responds:

wow thank you, that makes me want to keep animating!!!!!! but idk if im the best, go cheack out dan mackenzies (sorry if i didnt spell it right- hes also itsdmack) or robson studios or obviously freemont, but thanks though

Credits & Info

4.15 / 5.00

Nov 12, 2005
1:43 AM EST