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EDIT (11/17/2005): HOLY @#$%! Thanks for the FRONT PAGE!!!

Yes, it really is a Self-Portrait of me, Joshua J. Morgan.
And NO, I am NOT contemplating or condoning suicide.

I originally conceived Self-Portrait as a 15 second short during the Fall 2002 (my first quarter as a Grad student at UCLA), but I decided to make a different 15 second film. I returned to the idea, however, when I wanted to make an intro for my website, joshuajmorgan.com. After teaching myself Flash, the film was completed in the Spring 2004, and it went on to win a "Spotlight Award" the following year.

I recently rediscovered NewGrounds.com and I'm so glad I finally decided to submit Self-Portrait because it's fascinating to see how polarized people's reactions are. I never intended it to be funny so I'm still surprised that some people find it humorous (it's always gotten a big laugh at all the festivals it's screened in).

Joshua J. Morgan received his BA in Communication Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles and is currently working towards his MFA at the UCLA Animation Workshop, where he has been able to pass off his obsession for Japanese Anime as "research." Though many of his animations feature firearms, Josh is hardly a "gun nut." In fact, he has a strong phobia of guns, which was triggered by being held up at gunpoint in two separate armed robberies. Those life-threatening experiences also gave him a profound appreciation for living and so Josh has no intentions of actually performing the suicidal act depicted in his animated Self-Portrait. Seriously, his family and friends can all stop worrying... Josh really is happy :-)



This sucks hard, honestly

Unless you're a moody emo retard you adores the idea of suicide, you'll be able to see that this (roughly) 4-second long animation sucks. If it's not condoning suicide or about you contemplating suicide, what is it about?

Go back to asia. I've had enough.

You moron



this is the official shit everybody must watch this full 10 for you *claps* lol


wow dude, all i can say is this flash is BAD ass!!! You def. get points for orignality and the actual skill in using flash! Keep up the bad ass work my friend! Oh, and i found you on myspace...and added you as a friend. Take care bro.

stay sic


I dunno what to say about this... the animation's pretty good BUT I think it's a pretty disturbed mind that came up with this concept in the first place. It gets bonus points for at least having some skill in the animation, and I'm not going to start yelling BLAM THIS PIECE OF **** because there are people out there who enjoy this type of subject matter - where do you think horror movies came from..? Having said that, not my cup of tea.

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Nov 11, 2005
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