(2005)In 3 Minutes

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What if you had 3 minutes to live? well..you wouldnt do the krap THIS guy does!




if this wins a prize, it will be yours 90's prize! yay! you frgin' rock! keep going like this! =D

The humor is great...

And its not that the clay animation is bad, but its very simple (turning the head and raising the arm seems to be the majority of what we see). I'm sure your perfectly capable of making more interesting claymation. I know blue clay is what your famous for, but maybe you should try adding some other colors in, making some new "non-blob" people and characters.


Knox responds:

yeah im releasing something like that next summer :D

its gonna ROCK

good job

wow it seems like this was made in like 3 minutes(cuz it was realeased 2 days after john pinkleton) yea but it wasnt as funny as some of your others, but still. . . good job!!

What a sexy preloader!

I wonder who made it? Hm. Oh wait, it was me! ^_^

Ok, enough gloating. But seriously, thanks! I hope that KW:OTT will be twice as funny as this. If it is, I will be a happy man. I still haven't received my copy yet. It's been over three weeks! If I have to wait any longer, I just may have to walk my ass over to your house and steal it! Ha, just kidding.........OR AM I????

Good job on the movie. :)

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Knox responds:

hehehe, yeah thanks for the preloader!

i ran out of them though..so im holding another conest on my forum for more..GO LOOK


Your last movie, "John Pinkerton", was very disappointing. This was actually fun to watch and had an awesome concept. That preloader was the FUNNIEST PRELOADER EVER, and it seems like you set up the ending so that there would possibly be a sequel someday, a little like "Look Who's Looking Now", or "Long Lost Brothers"... or etc.
Oh, and the movie has a concept that it seems like you would have come up with in 2003... it seems like that style, for some reason.

Great movie, quite funny, and ACORNS!

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4.03 / 5.00

Nov 10, 2005
5:23 PM EST
Comedy - Original