Orlando's Joint #2

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**Thanks to Newgrounds for the Front Page spot. NG is the shizz-nit!**
Part 2 of the “Bumpie’s Dead” trilogy! If you haven’t seen part 1, be sure to watch that first or else you’ll have NO IDEA what’s happenin... ah hell, it ain’t that deep. Watch ‘em whatever way ya want. Enjoy! www.orlandosjoint.com


Awsome dude!

This is tight, just like me n my friends man. Except we don't have a coffee shop. I wish we did though :P we'd be blazing everyday in that bitch.

Back 2 Tokin' Buddah!

I am a Stoner Deceased, so I will hook up with a Buddah Dealer so I can be inhalin' Janey! Oh, yeah screw whut "donthaveaname" said about this flash being racist towards black people, though I do think "torrence anthony" is just another racist redneck stereo type just because of being an ignorant bigot! Anywayz, I will go back to smokin' Buddah, and I put that on Eric "Eazy-E" Wright", so FucCk all Ya'll & pass me the Buddah Bowl of Dank, because E is a true LocC! Orlando's Joint is a tight film, and a goood reefer flash! Fu skinhead88!

orlandosjoint responds:

yo, gargoyle, glad you dig my toon -- and pass me some of whatever you're smoking, man! just to put the specs to rest, i am black, and oj is loosely based (very loose) on the peeps that i know. peace!

What the fuck was that?

That was one big ole black stereotype. #1, they all do drugs. #2, they hate/fear white people. #3, they're all gangbangers.
And what was with the way they talked? just about completely free of ebonics, up until that one guy started freaking out. yeah, people running around screaming 5-0 is HILARIOUS by the way. Furthermore, this wasn't funny. I couldn't even discern where you ATTEMPTED humor, let alone where you succeded.
All in all, this sucked.

orlandosjoint responds:

kid, have you even SEEN a black person in real life? first you dog me about stereotypes -- then you bitch that they arent talking enuf ebonics. that's some funny shit! maybe you should stick to reviewing stuff you're not completely ignorant about.

I dont care what anyone says

I dont care what anyone says dude, I love your flash series, keep it up dude!


but this flash has gotten nowhere from the last one, didn't think it was good at all...needs improvment.

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Nov 10, 2005
3:18 AM EST
Comedy - Original