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Harry Potter 5th trailer

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Edit: since so many of you have been wanting to know where the song came from it is the theme song from the game Myst III: Exile.

On another note. I think I will try for the sixth book (but I'm not positive, so much has gone on, plus I've been working on two that I'm stumped on ^^;) I will try to see if I can.

Plus, if it's too much to ask, if you think my movie is awful, don't just say it sucks, tell me why and what I can improve on for the next movie. And about the writing on the arm. That is how I viewed it.

Not much to say. hope you like it. It's our first.



Pretty good for a trailer. Like a trailer is it was confusing and well confusing. good job


Good trailer I love it.. I love the music.. can you tell me what song it was???
Anyways that was awesome for your first flash.. i'll be waiting for moree!!! You deserve a 10


Alright, I wont trash the movie's graphics because I must admit, knowing that this was your first movie it was a valiant effort. I predict you'll get better at it. The part where Harry has etched those words into the back of his hand seemed somewhat misinterpreted, he kept having the same place scratched as he wrote and it healed instantly, it didnt however write all over his arm. Other than that, I hope people who dislike Harry Potter (for whatever stupid juvenile reasons I'm sure they'll come up with) can keep their lame 'Harry Potter Sucks' reviews to themselves, no one cares what you people think and this isn't the place to broadcast them.

ScuvySparrowProd responds:

I think you are refering to the first detention. There is one detention taht it doesn't heal.

you made book 5 interesting

I adore Harry Potter and thought that the Potter Puppet Pals were the only good Potter-related submissions. Book 5 was easily my least favorite of all of them, but your flash showed how 'interesting' it can be done. I wish you were involved in the filming as you'd clearly find a way to keep it interesting. I loved your flash, by the way...case it wasn't obvious by now.
About Dumbledore...he is still very much alive at the end of book 5 and so I did not find his presence in your flash at all surprising..would have been odd had he not appeared given all he does at the end of book 5, on which your flash is based.
Excellent work..I'd love to see more from you.

ScuvySparrowProd responds:

I do my best. Thanks. Book five is equal with PoA as my top fav of the series.


i myself dont really like harry potter that much but it was stillpretty damn good for your first flash.

P.S. do you think dumbledore is really gonna come back from the dead? cause it seemed like he was pretty fuckin dead

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Nov 9, 2005
8:28 PM EST
Comedy - Parody