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Harry Potter 5th trailer

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Edit: since so many of you have been wanting to know where the song came from it is the theme song from the game Myst III: Exile.

On another note. I think I will try for the sixth book (but I'm not positive, so much has gone on, plus I've been working on two that I'm stumped on ^^;) I will try to see if I can.

Plus, if it's too much to ask, if you think my movie is awful, don't just say it sucks, tell me why and what I can improve on for the next movie. And about the writing on the arm. That is how I viewed it.

Not much to say. hope you like it. It's our first.


Good graphics...

but it was far to slow and boring and the music was very quiet. A preloader would also help. Other than that a good flash except for no one in their right mind like Harry Potter!

ScuvySparrowProd responds:

I do have a preloader. other wise NG would not have accepted it.

Wow that was amazing

Dude your flash was friggin awesome. I'm a big Harry Potter fan and your trailer was tight. I'm already excited about Order of the Pheonix even though it won't be out till 2007. But anyway good job. It was very nice.

well it was a good flash...

...but i hate harry potter.

very nice

i love how you didn't give away too much in this trailer... i'm always worried about watching fan-trailers, bc they tend to tell too much about certain points in the movie...
you did a fantastic job
*thumbs up* ^.^

ScuvySparrowProd responds:

Thanks you very much. ^^


That was a good trailer.The graphics WHERE FINE!!!! >:(.Keep up the good work.

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Nov 9, 2005
8:28 PM EST
Comedy - Parody