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Harry Potter 5th trailer

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Edit: since so many of you have been wanting to know where the song came from it is the theme song from the game Myst III: Exile.

On another note. I think I will try for the sixth book (but I'm not positive, so much has gone on, plus I've been working on two that I'm stumped on ^^;) I will try to see if I can.

Plus, if it's too much to ask, if you think my movie is awful, don't just say it sucks, tell me why and what I can improve on for the next movie. And about the writing on the arm. That is how I viewed it.

Not much to say. hope you like it. It's our first.

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Great trailer

Beautifully done and excellent song choice.

Epic Trailer

This epic trailer includes the main things that happen. And at the end doesn't You-Know-Who have a sheild?

Other than that EPIC!


did you make his in paint?


meaning; great!
It was veery well-done and the effort you put in this really showed off! The animation and the music was chosen very wisely.. although there is still a je-ne-sais-quoi that puts me off about this flash.. oh well, never mind..
Great work!!

One word..