illrevue-the whiskey song

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I was supposed to have this finished before the band went on hiatus. We just reformed, since I moved to Orlando, but our old bassist didn't want to come, and I don't blame him. This one's for you, Elf! You will be missed.



I loved it, freaking awesome! Great job on it. The graphics were top notch. I had to replay it again and again, it was hilarious. I love the green haired bartender chick, she looks so anime-ish. Awesome!

phredrawles responds:

your praise renders me speechless! Thank you! gotta go, lots more drinking to do...

I want whiskey I want whiskey I want whiskey NOW!

I love it! Graphics were high grade and it was just funny overall!

phredrawles responds:

Thanks! You just witnessed possibly the most fun you can have in less than a minute on newgrounds.

Nice work

Pritty sweet job! the graphic were good all exept for where the bold dude (if I should know him forgive me) vomited but sence thats the only real complaint then I think you did pritty damn well... I would normally attack the sound quality but this is punk and like you said real punk is recorded poorly... I really should down rate this... my aura is dark after all... fuck it no point in needess down rating...

PS the art was good but it was pritty standard wont take many many points because of that but you might want to think about mking you animation style more unique

phredrawles responds:

Constructive criticism? Here? Wow. You're awesome! Thanks for saying what you feel in a human way, not like most people here who hide behind their computers and lash out with violent verbage if the don't get into something. Sadly, I don't have much of a style. I'm a hack. I do it for fun.

nice dude

nice song n flash make me want a whiskey as well lol


phredrawles responds:

Doin' that right now. With whiskey, of course!

Very nice

Dancing skeletons for the win!

phredrawles responds:

YES! Thanks! They have nothing to do with anything, but I love them, too.

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3.64 / 5.00

Nov 9, 2005
4:24 PM EST
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