Truth About Men

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This is very short, but it hightlights the truth about (some) men.
enjoy :)

I fixed the audio so hopefully it streams better and is a little easier to hear now.


Sadly, it's true.

This flash is sadly true, though MOST guys like to avoice the fact they they do it. One of the things is dispise about my gender is it's overall lack of self control concidering sexual matters. Good job, and on behalf of all half aware males, I apoligize.

PS-Let the hatemail begin, for it only proves my point.

too generic of a represation of men

I totaly agree with Monolock

---Not all of the truth!---

Okay ladies, it's really very simple. If you don't want men to stare at your breasts, don't wear skimpy and body-hugging cloths that accentuate your chest! If you breasts get in the way while you're putting on cloths, that means you need to buy clothing that's at least one size bigger! Not a difficult concept.

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Pretty good

This flash was pretty good for such a smile size. The drawing of the girl was pretty darn good and I like the way you emphasized her as a 'typical hottie'. Nice use of the panning down and it also helped viewers gain humour to the title.

One thing that lowered the overall score of this flash was the use of audio. The volume was very low and it was hard for me to hear her, requiring me to raise the volume level to maximum. In order to maximise a movie, make sure that your audio can be well heard by other computers. Try sending the file to friends to listen to before you submit, just so they can comment on simple things.

Apart from that, I liked it a lot. Keep up your good work.

Miaka618 responds:

That's good advice, thank you.

I wonder how this passed

graphics: a mouth and a background drawn by you. so that's 2 graphics, so you get a 2.

style: 4. unique but not a lot.

sound: 1. there's only one sound.

violence: 0. no violence

interactivity: 2, a play button and replay button.

humor: 2, almost amusing.

The flash quality itself is poor and could be made in an hour. As for the "point", I bet women would stare at men's chests if our testicles were neatly packaged in a convenient place for everyone to see. We all have a sex drive, deal with it.

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2.66 / 5.00

Nov 8, 2005
1:53 PM EST
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