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This is an oldie but a goody. As it has a human protagonist, I think it will be more popular than my usual furry fare. So, let me introduce you to my work and maybe I can seduce a few of you hentai fans over to the furry side when I post a few more games :)


finally, you got it

this was a hundred times better than the other versions of this game. the fact that you dotn have to travel over an area much larger than the screen, the actual game play of it, everything. this is wonderful. your persistence has paid off.

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Well, this is a rather interesting parody, I always wondered what samus would look like naked...although the idea of removing her suit is quite old (for those who don't know, there is a password that removes her suit in the original nes version of metroid), the idea of taking the role of one of her enemies and humiliating her by shooting off her clothes in a game is, well, kinda fun.

And for those who do not know what furry is (some people have posted this question in reviews), what some call a furry is just a creature that is part man and part animal (eg. sonic the hedgehog, a werewolf, digimon, etc.), or a person who is fascinated by things of that nature. This furry stuff has a broad range that can involve just liking art that depicts furries, feeling a connection to or identifying oneself with an animal, roleplaying, costumes, and in some cases erotic fantasies, etc. but in general most people who are into this furry stuff (well, most people that I met who were into it anyway) tend to just like artwork that involves furries and not take their interests beyond that.

Gotta level with you.

You know how to make a good game. Easy, but Samus can keep you guessing.

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too easy

way too easy beat the whole thing in under 5 minutes

whats furry?

whats furry? anyway nice game.

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4.04 / 5.00

Nov 7, 2005
8:35 PM EST
Action - Shooter - First Person