ClixSposing Samus

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This is an oldie but a goody. As it has a human protagonist, I think it will be more popular than my usual furry fare. So, let me introduce you to my work and maybe I can seduce a few of you hentai fans over to the furry side when I post a few more games :)


clicky quicky = no rocks off

Wow, I am amazed at how difficult that was. I mean seriously, it was more than just porn. You really do have to work hard to see her naked! I appreciated that a lot! Even on easy mode, it's really hard for me! I guess it's not best used with a laptop.

I couldn't hit her! It was just too hard! Well, I know something else that might be hard in this game. You had to get rid of so much clothing! Well, it was something at least.

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I managed to go through the hard mode. And all I get is seeing Samus naked. It would have been better if u added sex scenes.

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Here's the secret: focus on shooting samus during the screw attack phase, since both projectiles do low damage, take one hit, and there is two of them, also shes going slower.

Has potential but difficulty is too high

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4.04 / 5.00

Nov 7, 2005
8:35 PM EST
Action - Shooter - First Person