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ATTENTION BOE, DJJ-ASSHOLE, NALO: Add me as a buddy so i can put u in the coauthor list! i made some adjustments, sorry for this shit.

NOTE: We had some problems with the file, so there is another preloader when you want to see Punchout! Please BE PATIENT! It will appear, just wait!! Thanks!!
--Anyway, there is an EASTER EGG! Now where could that be!? :P
Hi, this is the Quimera. We love the old Nintendo (NES) games, so this is a tribute to our favourite games. Featuring Punch Out, DuckHunt, Kung Fu, The Legend of Zelda and Mario. The artists that contributed to the collab are Nacho Tururu, Keicho, BOE ,DJJ ASSHOLE and of course, Quimera. Hope you enjoy this!

--Also, Megaman's Anniversary was meant to be in this flash but it would make a caos out of the file! So take a look at newgrouds: http://www.newgrounds.co

--The Punchout song was played totally by Quimera! (Rodrigo), if you want to hear it with higher quality enter our page, linked with our profile :P

--Looping error fixed-- Special thanks to Tom from Newgrounds for helping out in this weird issue on double loading.



i liked kung fu he was like "im not having a gf like that Sl**"

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nice collab

that was a great collab based on NES. i liked this one a lot... but i didn't like the extra pre-loader for Punch-Out though... it was basically a hinderance, but the pre-loader at the beginning was pretty cool with DK, Mario, Link and MegaMan changing into one another was cool. overall, it was a great collab. i liked this one.

I am crying

I have to go back and watch the Kung-Fu one again so I can hear half the things they said, since I spent most of that movie with tears in my eyes and laughing out loud. That was great. I'm glad you bleeped out the words, it added SO much more than if they just said them. And the crappy-old-time film layer on top was a nice touch too. Great job.

They were all very good. So nice work to everybody who did something in the collab. I just had to write quickly to mention how hilarious I thought the Kung-Fu one was. Hil-freakin-larious.

PS. From one animator to another, how did you do that right-click menu thing? That was cool.

Mmmm...Moblin! The other white meat!

Great NES Collab, you guys! Although you might want to consider making the Punch-Out movie bring you back to the Main Menu like the other ones do, instead of just looping.
Because I chose Punch-Out to play first (mainly because it's the one at the top), I ended up having to close down and reopen the animation to watch the others.

The second pre-loader caught me by surprise, but it wasn't a big deal, imo. At least it only needed to run once.

All in all, good job! Nice collaboration, and you simply can't go wrong with an NES Theme! ...at least, imho... =^-^=


I liked all the parts, definetely reminds me of the nes days. Some great authors in this collab that i recognise from the mario collab etc. The Kung Fu part was the funniest!! All the other parts were awsomely drawn and animated!

Toonimated responds:

Thank you dude! And yes Kung Fu = LOL.

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Nov 7, 2005
8:24 PM EST
Comedy - Parody