Piggy Bank Pinko

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In this episode, the Cold War's hottest hero teaches a misguided youth about the dangers of saving money. This cartoon will hopefully develop the Captain Capitalism character a little more, so that I can do more episodic pieces in the future. Hopefully, you will still enjoy it, even though this one has no obscentities or political themes. Visit www.captaincapitalism.com for more...


Great Stuff. Sort of Educational too

That was nice. Graphics were great. Like watching a Ren and Stimpy Cartoon. In the same style as them too. Its great that you can poke fun at something and it can still be slightly educational too. Really good.

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Great work!

Actually, economists who believe in the Solow Model say that a higher savings rate (proportion of income that is not spent) will lead to increased growth as those savings add to an economy's capital and will allow labor to be more efficiently put to use, resulting in higher income. Economic analysis aside, your point was well-made and well-received, as well as having been presented in an entertaining matter. I look forward to more.

It's good.

I love the Ren & Stimpy-esque animation. Was it intentional? Am i the only one who sees it?
I love the voice acting, as well. good job.


This is soooo funny... but i think it needs a bterr theme

I liked it.

I don't know what "thebanlegion" under me is talking about. Saying "don't put politics in movies" (or rather, "polotics"...?) is like saying "art shouldn't be able anything". And let's face it, animation is an art form, as well as comedy. Or maybe this person just wasn't smart enough to understand what this cartoon was saying. Which is pretty sad, because it's pretty obvious satire.

The music and animation style seems to be borrowed from Spunkco a great deal. And while they are a great reference, you should probably try to develop yourself outside of thier realm. But I did think this was funny, and probably could have been longer and poking fun of the system in more ways. But I did enjoy it. The fluidit was great. But I really loved the end: "Captain Capitalism's power really comes from you...ooour money!"

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4.19 / 5.00

Nov 7, 2005
3:57 PM EST
Comedy - Original

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