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Heres a funny little movie I made about 2 guys on Halloween.
It's about 4 minuets long. Hope you like it.



why was it callled sheets! though hhahahaha

Freemont responds:

Umm... If you can't figure that one out on your own, then I won't even answer.

ahh i loved it

i love claymation, this is brilliant! by the way what camera did you use? i loved all of this especially the kkk ghost. the figures were made very well and i loved the pikachu guy.


its awsome i love claymation

btw are you the guy who did the voice of the alien with the big head in klay world ;)

fanf@#^^%$ckin tastic :)

dude, your animation is pretty smooth for claymation, and the lipsynch is great, i'd say you're in the league of knox or better, great work

That probably the best one you've done so far, IMO

I have a question though (I do claymation also). I know this question is probably dumb, but how do you animate the eyes/eyelids? Everytime I try to do that I mess the eyes up. Also, do you use wire armatures? And how tall are your figures?

Sorry for all the questions, but I think you do the best claymations on here, and I was hoping for some good advice... You can AIM me at KrimsonRez, or you can just reply (or don't reply at all if you don't want to). :P

Freemont responds:

Well, my characters's pupils are really small spheres of black clay. When I want them to blink, I take these little black balls of clay off the eyes and then I put a piece of skin colored clay over the eyes (to make it look like the eyes are closed) and then I take the frame (picture) I ususally have to take a few pictures of the closed eyes. After that I just take the skin colored clay off, and put the black dots back on and take another picture (frame). This gives the illusion of a "blink".

Oh yeah, and I don't use armtures, I find them to be a hassle to animate with. They also take too long to make. And my characters are anywhere from 4-5 inches tall.

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Nov 6, 2005
10:27 PM EST
Comedy - Original
  • Review Crew Pick November 9, 2005