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eBaum is making too much money off of robbery, lets try to fix that.


ALTF4's Animations Own.

Well ebaumsworld shouldn't beable to make money off others people's work, but it's easy to get all the funny stuff off his website even though he made nothing on it. I will probally stop going there now because i saw this, your animations own everything on the net especially the ultimate showdown. Great work keep em coming.

Incomplete, but it's still the best cartoon around

Eric Bauman murdered my family and raped my cat. I shall not rest until I see them avenged.

This Flash animation failed to include these among eBaum's other offenses, but since it draws attention to his despicable nature, I'll let it slide.


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Ahh, I <3 you, Neil Cicierega...

It's so sweet to know that the greatest flash animator ever to lives, lives a couple towns away from you. You know? You live in KINGSTON and you're SO CLOSE but yet SO FAR AWAY.

...That put aside, I just adore Something Awful, and that you do makes it so much better. I've never really liked eBaum's World or whatever... been trying to wean my brother off of it but I don't think he's listening either. *tears* Lowtax's appearance made me cheer and giggle at the same time. Yaaaaaaay for Lowtax!!! And personally, I wouldn't mind getting Something Awful's grenade branded on MY ass... hehehehehe. ;D

DOnt listen to smi1....

Listen to yourself.... You just basically said yes they did steal everything on their site, but dont we all steal something in our life.

Yes we do steal things in our lifetime... maybe 20 bucks from your mom's purse, your sister's game, or maybe a penicl. NOT FLASHES THAT TAKES WEEKS TO MAKE and not even give a damn about the people that make them. Your sir are a dumbass and should be shot where you stand.

altffour responds:

i don't listen to retards anyways


I hate that guy. Nice to see a flash like this. Love the song. I hope this is on the Front Page for a long time.

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4.27 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2005
9:31 PM EST
Comedy - Parody
  • Frontpaged November 8, 2005
  • Daily Feature November 8, 2005
  • Weekly 2nd Place November 9, 2005