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Mr. Artist Mr. Artist Mr.

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Author Comments

This is a late-coming, derivative, pointless flash that you should not waste your time watching.
Overall I would give it a D-.

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why hello...
i liked it. i love the end.

joeneato responds:

this is probably my favorite movie that I've made
I don't know though

Ahh, my favourite Mr Artist movie.

Slurpee wrote:
"Man I am so happy that people get that.
Anti-climax is a tragically ignored art form."

I feel your pain, for this is most true. TruffleClock's "The Search" is the only other piece I can think of straight away that delivers on this level. And the Transformers music is neat too.

joeneato responds:


I can't believe it...

I can't believe it took so many clocks to make a crapy flash.
you will think it might be good because it would take a majority of you guys to approve the flash

none of the clocks had hands, the letter B was pointless, and the random parts were not even that funny except the music at the end.
that was funny.

joeneato responds:

Man, the credits could have been 3 lines long for all it matters. That's what most of my colleagues do.
I was just crediting the creaters of their respective .flas for their artwork.
By your logic, The Void II (http://newgrounds.com/portal/view/83250) was created by the entire Clock Crew.

Nobody approved anything. I made this, and I submitted it. The Clock Crew has no chain of command for making flash movies; if we want to do it, we do it.
So if I shit out 2 terrible flashes a day for the next year, the Clock Crew is not responsible for it.

Clocks aren't supposed to have hands. Don't bother with the physcs of it; It's a flash movie.

The presense of B was a nod to The Clock Destroyer (http://newgrounds.com/portal/view/45460).

Nothing was "random," and that's an asslancing word to use to describe absolutely anything.

---Refreshingly honest!---

Check out the "Author's comments" section for this short. He recommends you not waste your time watching this short. I agree! His honesty is both refreshing and greatly appreciated. Ironically, this short actually had potential, but the ending was just lame.

joeneato responds:

I don't like being a dick to people who leave low-scoring reviews. I consider it petty. But your understanding of irony needs advanced medical treatment.

Even if the ending being anti-climax ruined the flash (which it objectively did not as it was the entire objective of the movie) that would not be irony; that would be unfortunate.

Irony is an incongruety between what is implied or stated outright and what actually happened, is happening, is, or was. My author's comments were irony. Your failing to understand them was ignorance.

Seriously man, I don't want to bring you down or anything. It's not like you're a hyprocrite (Well, maybe you were in this instance, but it was unintentional,) you're a victim of ignorance, and I should not take advantage of that.


the clock before you lied

so Golden clock didnt kill him,you just had an agreement,IM SO CONFIZZLED!

joeneato responds:

This story takes place out of continuity. GoldenClock hit Mr. Artist in the face with a stick and he was never heard from again.

Credits & Info

4.58 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2005
9:02 PM EST