SimSynthesizer v1.0

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A fun simple synthesizer to play with. If you find any bugs, please report them. I know that the sound is messed up (it loops) and it seems like some of the keys get "stuck" so if you know how to fix any of these things PLEASE tell me. Also if you have any ideas to improve please tell me as well. Have fun. Rock on!

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Very nicely done.

Great layout,the sounds we're near perfect,it took some time to get used to the keys being on the keyboard but overall i really enjoyed it. =)


cant help with improvements, but i can say i injoyed it, keeped me intertained for a good 8 min.

I quite like it.

Suggestions are:

Have a menu for different instruments.

Have it be able to "record" the music.

Option to export the music (somehow..).

Have the ability to assign certain parts of your keyboard to certain sound effects

Well that's it, bye.

zipperdeaf responds:

Wow all those things. If only i were smart.


Although I do think you should give some credit to Fruity Loops Studio, because I have that and that is were Sim Synth is from, and if you did good job. Maybe try instead of using .WAV files try .MP3 for a more clear sound!

zipperdeaf responds:

Actually i didnt get the name from there- it was originally called sim keyboard, but changed it cuz the name keyboard could sound like a comp keyboard. I did get the sounds from flstudio tho. maybe the name got stuck in my head and i did take it. oh well rock on

To improve:

-Yeah, the caps lock thing (that button is a bloody curse on your keyboard!)
-when you activate a note, make it a distinct tone (not just a toned click) perhaps you can try making the sound last as long as you hold a button (don't know if it's possible in flash though), you would be able to play awesome chords! Now it is just bottersome that your note clicks 20 times when you push the key.
By the way, good job accessing notes solely from the keyboard. Clicking your mouse ruins the chords effect!

But overall, this feature is far better than most of them I've encountered.

PS: too lazy to write an email, sorry.

zipperdeaf responds:

thanks for the advice. rock on!

Credits & Info

3.17 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2005
4:23 PM EST
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