DK Project: Stop the POP!

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DK Project tells the story of two teenager secret agents, Dott and Kave. They have the mission to destroy any bad product delivered by the entertainment industry. These guys are violent, amoral and really funny.
Visit the site to find the complete story of this secret project: www.dkproject.com
DKProject´s credits are shared by three guys Ernesto Bottger, Luis Casuso and Roxana Vasquez and we love to receive comments about our work.


Love the game

Love this game. The rating should be much higher. There is so much shit out there that has a higher rating. Just don't understand that.

what the hell?

This only has a 2.85 rating? This game kicks ass, Jennifer Lopez dress up doll has a higher rating and its a piece of shit. This is total bullshit. Great game though man.

i liked it.

hey sparx! been listenin to a little too much (*pop*) Pop mu-sic? u suck, sparx232.

complete shit

listen jackass, Eminem is not pop,he hates everything that is pop, just because hes a little
succesful doesn't mean that hes a pop artist, oh
and next time when u make a game, make sure u
can play it cos i dont want 2 watch agent dotto
stand still holding a box over his head ok, its
quite a shame cos i liked your movies with BSB
and Christina, just make sure you know that a
pop artist doesnt just mean theyre popular cos now crappy boybands have redefined the word pop.
Now as far as creating a game is concerned, TRY AGAIN!!!!!


It is kinda difficult to play this with a mouse but it is still pretty damn good! I am hoping for some blood when I finally beat this game! If not I will still think this game a 10 review! And of course a 5 vote!

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2.92 / 5.00

Aug 10, 2001
12:30 PM EDT
Skill - Collect