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The Hammerthrow 5

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Yes, its time for the fifth one. And the curling guy is with it (from the fourth one). Flash Player 8 is required.

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lol jkes

heh, deffinetly an improvement frm hammerthrow 4
ur a proper jka
last tym i commented on ur hammerthrow 4 episode about how funy i found dat guy drifting by wid da slidy tingy
and den u include dat bloke in ur nxt episode
my god ur gd
gd animation

Muskelchock responds:

Thanks, i may come up with a hammerthrow 7


You did it! You did it! You made the smash camera scene like I asked you to! You didn't 'improve' the style either-

You go on my favourite list for that, along with this movie and I will tell the other Dragons and Spirits to see it.

Lots of sports still to do-
-backstroke swimmer hits the end (I'm always afraid of that)
-snooker player (give him a bow tie!) pokes or gets poked.
-fencing (proper mask etc on top of usual scribble!)
-table tennis player- maybe opponants bat in his mouth?
Don't take away what you have- the style is cult status now, but try to add whatever you can to build on it and keep new originality- the best sounds you can find (maybe faint 'announcer'/ commentator sounds. Maybe an ambulance scene outside a stadium (where the curler goes by!).
Put credit scene in (with button gets more interact. point), please?

Muskelchock responds:

Yaaaay, i was going to put down hammerthrow 6, but when i saw your review i am gonna finish it. Its gonna be much longer this time i hope. At least smoother frame by frame animation and better loops, Mayby the characters is going to have eyes, what do you think. Im an on to to basketball. If you have any ideas mail me at Muskelchock@gmail.com . Thanks for the good review


A short series of incredibly cliche deaths. There wasn't an original idea in the bunch.

Also, your movie clips had horrid looping. You might want to work on that.

My advice? Make some clock movies instead. They're hard to screw up, and you ARE supposed to be a clock...


I like your style of animation and the sound was great but you weren't very creative and it got repetitive.

cheap laugh

it was a bit funny at first but i ended up being quite repedititve and predictable.not bad though nontheless

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Nov 5, 2005
3:12 PM EST