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Fitch And Jove 3

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This week our intrepid duo get a new set, and some stuff happens. Drum solo by Alex Porter. Fitch's girlfriends voice provided by Lisa Tarr.
In Other News: Fitch and Jove now have a website!
www.fitchandjove.com - check it out, it's good (if barely finished). My mum likes it. And watch the other episodes too if you can be assed. I know I can't.

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In the beginning

the real name of that disease is pnumeralultramicroscopicsilcov olcanoconyosis (sounds just like its pronounced)

KRARW!!! keep up tha good work

EGAD i musta eat a potatoe or two maybe i should eat TTHREE!!! KRARW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MUNNA EAT CHOO COFFE MAN, ARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! really good...check the review at your first post or better yet look at the my reviews section! i need ta get photoshop and make that flash i just did a story for!!! itd be my first submitted one!!! hooray for submitted!!! oh yeah i meant to say 'ta' instead of 'to'

Bed-wettingly funny

Stuuu, as if it's not bad enough that I keep randomly stumbling across that link that sends me to a page where YOU feast on my brains (which, apparently, are a bit stringy), but now you go and put in your credits that I'm smelly ="(

Alternalutely, I am grateful to have my name put alongside such prestigious industry members as Myfat Bum, Turtle Head, and Dominic McPoo's little dog, Terence.

Anypoo, a thoroughly enjoyable rimjob.. I mean movie! I particularly liked the return of the hamster, the mysterious raggedness of Jove's trousers, the impressive singing, and Fitch's randomly-sprouting 1850s moustache. Although, on a negative note, I have no potatoes left ="(

On a side/snide note, being back Yeovil! Even if it's just a brief cameo of him in the far-distance, under a shady tree, atop a mountain on a sunny day, sipping chardonnay, and bum-raping an unconscious Orson.

And is the Lambrini gag a reference to me and Em being partial to the odd barrel of Lambrini?? Alls I know is, it can't be all bad if it leads to a night in which: YOU get a wad of monopoly money thrown in your face, numerous pictures are taken of Emily's navel, we get a brand new Stu-Jigglypuff photo, my tongue is so deadened from the lambrini that I am the only one protected against the salt curry, I am wake up numerous times during the night to see that you've doubed in size and your legs are sprawled across the entire room, and we abandon the others to go for a memorable student 6am stroll.

Oodles of toodles,

~ Ben "Smelly Crotch" Claxton

margarine responds:

Eehe, yes, the Lambrini joke WAS a reference to you and Emily liking it :P
Now send me those profiles you boobituard!

Great fun!

Brilliant as always!

margarine responds:



I'm lazy, but this rocks.

Dah dah daaaah

margarine responds:

Yahhhh. I wish my overall score was as good as my review score, you know. I

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4.17 / 5.00

Nov 4, 2005
8:17 PM EST