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Evergeek 3

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Here it is Episode 3 of my series Evergeek. A lot of love went into this, so enjoy!

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whats with that chocobos voice?

It does have love

There is quite a lot going on, so it is a bit difficult to keep up with everything going on. The animation was normally good, but it did have some weak spots. The worst part was probably how some of the characters just really moved around in a goofy fashion. Then again, maybe that was part of the joke. It was nice to put in all that music, although for some reason I did not really notice it. The best part about this was that the characters were still well designed and they had good moments of character establishment.

It is also hard to follow because I am not that familiar with this series. The funniest part was probably when the monkey masturbated. It almost went on a bit too long and I actually agreed with what the villian said about making it go on. This was still good because it was great to see all the little cameos like Master Chief. It has a true sense of spirit because the characters do have a lot of emotion and all with distinct voices.

I don't get it

Why only 3,839 views? I mean, the flash is not that bad, it is pretty funny... Just to get it. Good cliff hanger at the and, the animation is gettign even better. Really like this one.


I don't care what anybody says, that movie was fucking hillarious! Keep up the good work

Can u say RANDOM!

Maybe if you had a little more solid style and put in more actual jokes and not just potty humor.

Zero-End responds:

There where only like 2 "potty jokes" and they where part of "actual jokes" like squall of ff8 having a little too many damn belts, and RPG females dressing skimpy. It ain't no highbrow, but come on and lighten up.