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Hero Coryal Halloween '05

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Hero Coryal returns in this horrible Halloween 'Special'.

The idea was born on Halloween when I realized that absolutely nobody in DLabs bothered to get into the holiday spirit--so Matt and I set out to make this cartoon. Production started a couple of days ago and I finished it last night.

Anyway--Enjoy the remainder of your holiday candy and beware of diabetes.



Now that was dada! It was funny. Nice dada!

I can't say how to imptrove it cause it's to wacky to improve...

Heh, oh no it's diabetes!

Disasterously precise satire

Well done on, once again, making something so randomly odd yet so sublimely orchestrated, thank you for supplying the public with another inside joke which we can revel in once again!

You're crazy, you know that, right?

Watching Hero Coryal is a lot like having cancer, only funnier. It might have made me laugh till I cried, but it's also horrible and painful at the same time. Inflicting it on others should be a criminal offense. Too bad I watched it willingly and can't sue.

Now go work on AHTM4, dammit! :P

Wow, that was weird. I love how you acknowledge that it's November. Well, it wil be November by the time it's seen. It came off as kind of annoying, though. I imagine that was intentional. At least the drawings were creative.

It was hard to understand anything. Again, probably the point. I can appreciate the odd creativity. Your other stuff is better, though. Happy Thanksgiving, I guess.


a little bit short, but it was a pretty interesting animation. i liked the halloween setting to this one, and your "Awful Yamaha Piano" wasn't all that awful, it was actually alright.

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4.12 / 5.00

Nov 4, 2005
11:14 AM EST
Comedy - Original