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A feared weapon...a feared ninja...A dark lord...An evil Emperor.

Ninja Gaiden X:Prequel.
A prequel to a great series,chapter 1 will come this month.

I beg you please low quality,also dont blame me for bad Fps because i think there is a problem with Newgrounds.
Animation by my
Thank you Lion court for your awesome narrator voice!

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i like it but wheres the metal plate on hayabusas head? without it you can not get a 10

Not really what I was expecting....

It looks like it has somem potential, but I noticed some serious flaws in the work. You tortured us with the intro, the swords hovered at like a micro-nano-meter a second and it was all to show us what the narrorator was saying, just make sure speed it up as the story goes by and keep the bodies piling up and youll do fine.

dude don't listen to these jerks

i found did way better than any faggots could do. if i were you i would practice drawing it and keep trying. trust me. I can see great stuff that will come out of you., take my word for it and don't give up cuz some jackasses say its shit. its not! So go ahead and keep trying!

could have been better

The narrator stops all the time, and for waaaay too long. And the subtitles sometimes appear half an hour after what he's said (exaggeration, obviously)
and also the Dragon sword is about the length of a dagger, and is much too wide. The dragon sword was never stated to be made from a white dragon, just a nameless dragon. The dragon sword also looked like it'd have a hard time cutting through butter (see the butter stains all near the edges?) but the DDB is fairly well
done. It doesn't with hold its shine from the actual prologue, but this at least is understandable.
All in all, an alright flash, not that my review makes it seem like that, but still. It was fairly well-done, but with some mistakes.


Ok whatever this submission holds im sure it is decently made. The first few minutes LOOKED professional...but thats because the first few minutes was a fucking title screen because of the slow frame rate...its was soo bad that i suggested a BLAM...sorry dude...fix it before you submit it.