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Move it dude >:(

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A short little animation I started a few days ago and just finished.Rather simple...I'll have it up on my website soon.

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Have you ever had that feeling that you just had to move it move it when no one else understood? Well, thanks to Jock Jams and their most excellent song, we can now enjoy it over and over again. This time... via animated form. The character designs could use some improvements, however simplism can work at times. I liked the contrast between the very dark black background and the 4 or so different brighter colors for the characters. Their movements were pretty much repeated over and over again, but they were fine. The loops fit well. I would recommend that you have a play button to start movie rather than it just starting when you click.


it kept my intrest..

so it must be good! very enjoyable. i appalaud your efforts!

Party time

Kickass music and a real rocking party. Jock jams rules for there masterpiece move it.

You rule for using move it.


great audio in this one and the moves were alright, but it was too short, too dark and could've been without sticks. i liked your efforts in this one though.

it was good... until the second song.

im saying that the animation didnt flow