Food Nipple Grunt Tlr Pt1

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If you're seeing a white screen on start-up, the preloader hasn't loaded yet. Give it a few seconds.

Welcome to Part One of the Legend of the Food Nipple Grunt: Animated Chapters Trailer. If you were on the Halo message boards at GameFAQs between 2002 and 2004, you might remember the misadventures starring everyone's favorite Grunt and his cadre of crossover characters. We plan to animate the Legend into a series here on Newgrounds once we segment it into a script and find vocal talent. Our copy of the Legend is incomplete, so if you still have some of it in the back of your hard drive, we'd appreciate if you e-mailed it to us. Please note that this trailer is also our very first Flash production. A whole year and everything still might not be perfect, so your constructive criticism would be of great help. Hope you like it as much as we do.



very nice movie i wanna see a series


lol dude right wen solid snake showed up i was laphing my head off.
and lol samus Mr.T and SHADOW hahahahahah funny shit keep it up man.

this movie rocks!!!

lol this was funny and violent the perfect combo nice music and graphics all my 5 are belong to this :) lol the funniest part was when the grunt just layed down so samus wouldnt shoot him


personally i woulda liked it better without the non halo characters, they didnt make sense, and by the time i finished obsessing over how sonic the hedgehog made his way into a plain of existance with solid snake halle berry and the covenant my expresso was tepid and i frowned.
other than that pretty good


This is coming along great. gj! I'm currently looking at part 2, that's gotta be just as good too. But i love the idea of the base thing, on Earth, Star Trek, Mr T. Hilarious.

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Nov 3, 2005
10:41 PM EST