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Tree... is back but this time its got sound fx and music! like ppl asked for i hope u enjoy it.
plz leave reviews :p



Here are some tips to make your animation reach the 10 overall ratting: leave the bigining alone and redo the ending (and the credits on the begining, too, they such)! I mean: here we start a movie that looks like the best animation we have ever seen (I speak in the plural, but off course I speak for my self) and then, in the end, it sucks! Make the ending bigger and ad a bit of humor to it, I couldn't see if the tree really felt! Make the tree wabble, make the guy try to avoid the tree falling, just make something happen! Of course this is my opinion, and you only have to take it if you thing it's good... But please don't chage the graphics or the style, I love them! Okay, I guess I'm done... See ya!


that was a lot better than the last one. It's amazing what sound and a better load can do.

The art is a little different, and interesting, which is what makes this thing work.

Keep trying, and you'll be able to do better stuff.


I loved it do more! Also I saved it... it almost got blammed!

lei-ji-hou responds:

lol thanx

That was pretty good.

Your style of drawing is very nice, I think you might have something there. It would be better if it were longer though, but the frame by frame was definetly done well. Good Job keep it up.

not bad

not bad at all, in fact, this style really appeals to me! make more, but maybe longer or in a collection of sorts...3/5

lei-ji-hou responds:

i know ill make longer animations in future, its jus that i haven't got a scanner at home and i done this at college.

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2.87 / 5.00

Nov 2, 2005
7:03 PM EST
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