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Canadian Nookie

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We were very excited to debut our little animation on New Grounds. We didn’t expect near the response you guys have given us. So much thanks to those of you who were blessed with the conscious to interpret the message and appreciate it. If you ever have any ideas for future animations let us know so we can put them into action.

Canadian Nookie is a safe sex concept we hope will have a lasting impression. You can support the concept by purchasing one of our very nifty t-shirts or by promising to fornicate like the Canadians. We look forward to bringing newgrounds more of our animations in the future. Enjoy.

Please Visit Canadiannookie.com for more nookie fun!

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Not too shabby.

Not too shabby. I thought it waould go longer than that.


i wonder wer they sell it :P.8 cuz they didnt show >:(


That was good man i thought the mountie was hilarious

I don't get it

xD But if I were the guy, I'd want the mounty to shut his mouth so I could plow her >:O well animated ^^

So Spaketh the Slaughterer

As far as safe sex related videos go this was one of the better ones I've seen. Animation was smooth and the drawing style actually pretty nice. It wasn't exactly funny, but I think making something dealing with sex funny is a bad idea if you're trying to make a point about practicing safe sex. This was mildly amusing, however, as I've heard the use of Mounty in this context before. Nice to see an animation for it.

I will say that this could have been done better or a different execution of the concept would have been better conceived.