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There is no god

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Author Comments

Its true, kids! god doesnt exist. If he did, this wouldnt be on the internet.
Be sure to check out my other movies! they seem to be better than this one.. Thats odd...

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Ugly graphics , ugly animation , Dumb movie title , also the title has nothing to do.
Maybe if you are a jerk you could know that you can do anything you want in the Earth but then you can burn or be happy forever. God exists , he made everyone to do what they want here in our planet , if not , everyone in the world would be the same and everyone exact the others(i say this because you wrote in the description , if god existed this wouldnt be here), you can say ''if this is here there is no god'' who the f*** are you to say this? , as i said you can do/say anything you want here , and then you will be between the fire if you don't clear your mind of stupidness , dont judge me bad , because thats the true


True, there is no God/gods, but this had nothing to do with that.

//You are wrong\\

For one thing, god does exist. For a second, this movie doesnt have anything to do with "god doesnt exist". Some ugly drawn stickfigures exploding = god doesnt exist?. Hmmmm oook. I belive in god, and i am proud of it. Anyway, good luck with your flash! Your graphics are very well.


I like you. I have no idea why - and I'm usually hella critical of that. Your flashes have a very quirky, original humor to them and the total randomness of them is punctuated by your timing. I want to see you do something without sticks. Don't get me wrong, I don't usually care if an animator uses sticks - but I want to see how your work looks in a non-stick world. If you can intrigue me so with such simplicity, what can you do with color or, heaven forbid, depth?

I guess the only advice I feel I can offer is to avoid those standard issue sound effects, especially the ones that are used over and over - with gunfire and explosions you can get away with it, but for that standard stepping sound and (in other animation) the "oof" that you use... I've heard these in nine hundred plus flashes and when it's repeated multiple times in a flash it starts to affect the flash itself. Vary the noise a little bit, switch out sound files. Damn fine job.

heh it was pretty good

it seems liek all ini all you may not have cared what score it got one way or the other but yknow i liked it anyway i thought it was kinda funny im actually a big fun of stick violence anyhoo even though some people might vot eit down becaus eit looks like it was thrown together in about 5 moinutes i think the simple humour can be appreciate dhere not bad sir

Credits & Info

2.45 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2001
7:27 PM EDT