N00bkebob #07

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Short, but funny!

Woah, a really crowded kebob D:

Despite the lack of parts, it is quite funny.

About Queen's...oh well, recycled drawings and annoying screams...the perfect way to continue the amazing "random guy with hat" series!

Satanic's was the most interesting part. I haven't seen that movie,so I can't get the jokes and such, but it was a quite entretaining movie.

Star's was really funny. The graphics were wierd but it was soooo funny, and the music added humor to it! :D

Nice job, but I hope the next ones are longer :)

N00bNation responds:

We always appreciate your reviews mister soul :)


Oh no, only three submissions this time!, oh well i should appreciate what i am given:

N00bQueen: Well there wasnt much progress in this episode for the series but i thought it was good for a cheap joke, i mean the picture of the guys looked funny and the scream sounded good 7/10

SatanicN00b: Well that turned out to be quite a scary little short, ok maybe it wasnt that scary but i thought that it was entertaining. I liked your voice acting although it was alittle soft, and the graphics were good, but what was up with that girl swimming naked and then taking a seat still naked?, very funny 9/10

N00bStar: Poor guy he had some exciting news and that other guy just totally ignored him, i thought the style of this was very weird and the graphics were all over the place, but i liked the crying scene at the end 8/10

(Hamy_jamy isn't even suppose to be here today)

meh, more anthology dreck

First, let me say I dislike this sort of thing because it's rare that more than one of the pieces in the collection would survive review if it were submitted and rated on its own merits. Generally, that means that two, or three, or four pieces of garbage get a free ride on the one halfway decent flash in the bunch.

This particular one has three parts.

Zombies: it was okay. The graphics aren't great, but I've seen a lot worse. The sound has distortion issues: a couple of the louder sections have that sucking-on-the-mic sound, and it's generally hard to understand what's being said. It's also paced a little frantically, but this might have been intentional. Overall it has the feeling of something I might have liked if I could have followed the story, and fixing the sound would take care of that.

"Do you have the time?": I liked this more than I probably should have. It's not drawn or animated well (the guy's walking looks like a one-legged goosestep march, for instance), it's really short, and it's a dumb old joke. However, it's a dumb old joke I personally use all the time, so I liked it just because of that. Also, the one legged goosestep march is actually kind of funny in its own right.

The screamy other thing with a title I can't recall offhand: Something about this gives me the feeling that the author felt obligated to contribute, but didn't have time today to do anything actually, you know, good, so bashed this out as quickly as possible. It's part of a series and I watched the first part yesterday, and it had a lot more story/plot/artwork/everything... so it's clearly not a case of "no talent," but more likely "no time" or just possibly "no inspiration, better stall."

As I said, I don't like the anthology format, but in this case, I'd have voted to pass two of the three pieces in it, which makes it at least twice as good as a typical Daily2oon.

N00bNation responds:

--N00bqueen-- well we are trying to help less talented people to feel apreciated.(so they wont give up before they get a chance to improve) so yes, this kind of thing makes some submissions get a free ride. but we do it for a reason.

about my part. you are absolutely corect on the point that i didnt have time to make it as good as the previous parts. however, the other parts were not to great either. we have since this part desided that we shall not post one part every day anymore to give people more time on theyre submissions. wich both we and the watchers should be glad with.

also id like to thank you for writing the longest review i have seen on newgrounds.

well idk really

i can see u could do alot better it was put together well but lack originalty maybe im to tied but put more effort into it ok trudat it is abit crap but at least ur trying

N00bNation responds:

well my part was kinda crappy because i didnt have much time to finish it.

and satanicn00bs part can only be realy apreciated if you have seen the movie zombie flesh eaters as its a tribute to that movie.

n00bstars movie had a pretty funny joke so it didnt need the best art he could do.

I wouldent go so far as to blam you...

Im extremely nice on reviews, so im not going to blam this, but rather give you a good amount of constructive criticism. 1st of all, the first 2 movies where just short and nonsensical, it seems you just wanted to toss them in there for the sake of having an entry. The other movie just seems like a bunch of random unconnected scenes jumbled together into i flash.... Id like to see more time spent to graphics and story with this one it could be good.

N00bNation responds:

N00bstar: thx for the review. Lol i thought you said non-sexual

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2.61 / 5.00

Nov 1, 2005
9:43 AM EST
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