Granny Bash V2

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I have finally added some of the suggestions that some people have told me. If you have any suggestions, put them in a review and I'll implement those as soon as possible.


HA, showed those grannys whatfor.

This game was fun at first but can get pretty boring for most after a while.

even better

this was EVEN BETTER than the original

That was a enjoyable game

Well done, i've got a suggestion. ( It may be difficult to implement)
How about when there are more than one grannies on the screen. The ability to hit one granny, and then letting her fly into the other one. Thereby scoring a double kill.

Not bad

Graphics where pretty good. and i love mindlessly runing down the grannies. Sound could definityely use some work(Wtf? Are all the grannies tranies? Cuz they sound like guys) and as much as i loved it, the game does gget a little boring after awhile. Nice adition with the gunmen tho, renews the fun for a bit.

I noticed one thing...

There was a glitch were the guns would keep appearing on the top left hand corner, past the fence where they were out of reach, just thought you should know. :)

Aside from that, the game was pretty solid. I liked how you could open the doors of your car to slow down, and how you could get guns to shoot your enimies. However, in the instructions page it said that your score would appear in a "taco", and I found no "taco". I liked how you made it so that when you hit the fence, you would bounce back out insted of coming to a complete stop. The storyline is funny and original: some old lady gone rapant in a field! Good job and good luck! :)

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2.51 / 5.00

Nov 1, 2005
4:15 AM EST
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