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Zombie Swarm

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This is a quick first-person shooter that I did for Halloween on the Candlelight Stories web site. It's just a little bit of atmosphere from those cool Romero zombie flicks that I like. I might add levels sometime soon, but I think it works as is if one doesn't take it too seriously.

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Now it seems every second game I stumble upon today is a zombie game.And I don't have a problem with that.It's just that not all of them are GOOD.This game was made in 2005 so I'm rating it thus.This really feels like a noob game because you're in a barn and you don't feel like your in any serious danger of the zombies.And zombies are killed by headshots,not futuristic lightning guns.But I liked how you needed to plug the gun into the battery to reload it and how the portrait on the side moves about.This is an old game,and it doesn't even compete to other zombie games on this site,but it's kinda addictive.Not alot...but kinda.I can't see myself playing this again though.


acualy this is, i think the first game i acualy finnished. or even spent five seconds on in this whole site!! but seriously wat kind pussy ass zombie dies from electricity


within the first minute or so i had 100% accuracy im happy i quit as soon as i reached it game desrves a nine nice simple relaxed game no stressing nice job :)


this was pretty cool i liked it it made me poo poo in my pants


I didnt like it that much.