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Metal Wrath

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FINAL EDIT: At this point, a sequel may not happen.. However, a "spiritual successor" of sorts is under development, using more sophisticated technology than Flash.. Stay tuned to http://www.zingsdomain.co m or http://zing.deviantart.co m for any information relating to that project.

EDIT#2: Due to the great response i've reconsidered making a sequel.. just not right away, I need to focus my efforts on other projects first.

EDIT: Thanks once again to the NG crew for the front page! =D Aswell as the addition to the collections.

First off, if you dont understand how to play.. Read the in-game instructions.. I put them there for a reason.
Also, I would've added more levels than whats included, but it was already taking too long and eating up too much filesize. And no... i'm not making a sequel, i'm done with scrolling space shooters for the immediate future. (Unless someone... I dunno, pays me to make one or something..)

Anyway, with that out of the way.. I hope you enjoy this game, took me almost exactly a year to finish because of many delays going on in my life.. You may have noticed the article in the NG Alphas that had it slated for April. But, it's done, i'm happy with it, I hope you folks like it. =)

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good game

good gamplay

wraiths are ghosts

It felt like the storyline, ship, and weapons were lifted from old r-type games but most shooters steal from others a lot anyways. Dying and starting over from the beginning is annoying, there should be more checkpoints. I like the different weapons.

its cool

the game overall 7.i hated how all the bad guys were coming from the left.it felt retarded.everything felt backwards but it was koo thou


far game play but to easy


A good challenging game. Fast paced and smooth game play.

Keep it up!