Something In Throats

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Every year I make a horror story for Halloween and usually I get accused of giving people sleepless nights. Enjoy!

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heh. people call me a genius because of the way I write fanfiction and poetry, but I can't do flash. At all. this is a great thing, bra. You can do great poetry, And great flash!

One is envious
Time to enunciate shade
Darknesses triumph

sorry that wasn't the greatest haiku ever; still, i wrote it in like five seconds, so...
great job!

ok but not scary

the story was very good but...how do you not scare a 13 year old boy like come on man seriously.

Good God

This sent shivers down my spine! You make great horror stories!

Good lyrics, but it could been a better idea.

Hands, hands, wrists, fingers, nails, blood, what is more creepier?

hmm not bad ^^

very intresting its a little strange........but I do like it alot its just its kinda funny where some hand randomly comes out of your mouth for no reason XD I mean seriously come on thats just way too freaky for halloween sadly but I like the idea your making ^_^ if you did make something about a killer clown I'm gonna go see it ever since I was little I watched this halloween movie called killjoy it was low budget but it scared me so much that I hate clowns now so yeah T______T

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Oct 31, 2005
7:01 AM EST
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