Stick City

October 30, 2005 –
July 8, 2011
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A cop framed for murder has no choice but to escape the city without being killed by mercenaries. All he has left a set of pistols, a shotgun up the sleeve and his mitts.


my friends tell me if u get white screen press right and ther is "movie not loaded"
thats what i found

this is fuckin nonsense geez god damn

i don't like to hurt peoples feeling but it doesn't load try again sorry

I'm sure this flash is incredible, but i cannot watch it. Maybe author add this flash in another place?

P.S. sorry of my bad english. ;]

Y cant I play the movie!?Whenever I click on watch this movie , nothing would appear! All I can see is black! Wtf is going on!?

I've tried Explorer, Firefox and Opera and it still won't fucking load. Re-upload the goddamn fucking flash you prick.

aint bein mean but it wont load. im using firefox. any ideas why it wont load?

That was pretty good dude.Could you tell me the program you used?I make animations too.


Where has this movie gone?! It doesn't load and I remember it being really good... I wanna see it again.

Yeah, this was really good, ive seen the real sin city, and this was much like it. I liked the voice of.. umm.. well, the main charachter, its so "real" if u compare with the movie.

that was almost as good as Sin City i liked the voices of the mercanaries and how the blood was colourless.

Great 3d scences, good story and awesome action along with some gritty lines. Haven't seen Sin City myself, but this sure makes it look like worth watching.

Great use of 3d scenes, though werent so good, and that "camaro" 3d car model is just... famous thanks to everyone who used it. I also liked SinCity, but this wasnt so great, just gets so overrated becouse of the few 3d movies...

come on! that cant be flash!its just 2 goooood!its like a real movie!

Sin City rules but Stick City rules to! Realy man, if I could, I would give you a 20 on Style and Violence. Great job. I hope you make more from that stuff!

Inspired by the tar pit scene in "The big fat kill", this is actually very good. Next time, put in Miho, and it'll be an 9

Nice. probably need to make your own scenes and storyline, It'd be nice. :) keep doing good dude.


but a more original lines wouldve been nice. ive nothing against putting in a subtle nod to the movie/comics, but you just stole most of the dialogue from 'the big fat kill'. other than that, good job.

well done, i hope to see more from you, keep it coming! "dropkick someone through a window"

I can obviously see ur a big Robert Rodregez fan (like me) because of the obvious references to Sin City and Once Upon a Time in Mexico.

Keep it up.

I'd like to see more Sin City spin off thingies.

Nice work, keep it up

yo this was sic animation i wish i could give you 10000000000+but i cant keep up the sic work!!!!!!!!

thats supposed to be sin sity? that what u just made looks real cool. hope u continue makin more of that nature

great voices, great script, great effects. I think this film is brilliant and anybody that likes violence with style has got to love this movie. I don't even like stick men and I still love it.

This is a great flash. Though I think that if you made the blood red, with the rest of the cartoon black and white, it would add an awesome effect. Still, loved it!

I noticed when the dude shot the legs of the other dude, It looked like that scene in once upon a time in mexico when antonio banders shot that mexico dick in the legs.I love the voice acting, I love the animation and I love the blood.good job, keep it up.

But I put this aside to tell you it was a good movie the sounds were well done. I just hate when people use stick figures maybe for the second one make characters with a full body?! (just a suggestion)
good moive though.

That's some talent you got there. Keep it up!

This is defintly pure film noir!

JUST LIKE THE MOVIE! YOU ARE AWESOME! I loved the use of 3D so much! Newgrounds needs more Flash with 3D! It makes it look so good! You are an amazing artist! Please promise me you'll make more scenes from Sin City!

5/5! This should have been Daily 1st, not Daily 5th! Great job buddy!

All my 5 belonged to this!!!

did you think you were the only one who saw Sin City by the way...even by aknowledging it in your description you could have gotten a bit of sympathy from me, but you added your own backdrop story... im sorry but you've seriosuly stolen scenes from the movie frame to frame...be original...if your going to make something in Noir style, come up with a plot of your own..dont write off movies and tweak a few bits here and there...

good job ripping off assorted robert rodriguez movies. use your talent to draw characters with bodies and write your own story.


Nice animation but leaving the car animated at the begining wud hav made it better

This work is very very well done, this man has the mind of a cinematic author... I'll advise this guy to take is work further, His skill could earn him a golden egg! I like the way the movie sets the atmosphere, by the scene setting...(Probably the work of good story boarding) and then, and only then... does the action kick in...!
Everything is appropiate about this movie, from the opening, to the end credits and fantasticly unchalk & uncheesy!!!
I wish the author all success on his future and beyond!
Eric B

Nice flash!

Or so it would appear. That would have been a scene worthy of being in the Sin City movie or the comics. Good job.

the graphics are really good the style is cool the sounds are very well done good dose of violence a lil bit of interactivity and not much humor this is going to the favorites 5/5!!!!

This movie was very well done, some of the best graphics ive ever seen in a stick movie, the car caught my eye when we were first introduced to it. The sound was very well done also. You could have used a little color for the blood though. Besides that, if it were just a little longer it would be amazing.

The graphics in this are really good for a stick movie, and the sound was nearly perfect, but where it falls is the length. This could have been many times better if you had given a real intro as to whats going on here. Just putting "Framed for murder being chased" in the description doesent help. We really need to see what happened to get it. Other then that good job.

Good graphic's, and good voice's but the voice-over's need work.And possibly a better background of why all that happend?.

I liked everithing in here, except one thing that made is overral more bad, is short, you can do something more that a figth in the street? If you do i say "thanks" and i made the overral 10, ;)

awesome stick animation.... probably the best thing since Xiao Xiao and Johnny Rocketfingers. the whole plot and concept to this animation was great... i really liked the story to this one. the action in this one was pretty intense too.
great job on this one, hope this one wins an award.

Loved it
animation clean
great storyline! WIKED


It was good but the problem was, it wasn't just in the same style as sin city - it was like you took parts of each story in it and rolled it into one warped thing. You also appeared to steal lines from the movie and stuff - even in your description. Sure, copying the style is fair enough, but please try to be imaginative and come up with your own content.

Apart from that, the animation and sound was generally good, but at some points didn't quite flow. This can be a common problem I think wit hmany flashes, however mostly yours was fine. Basically just needs a bit more polish.

Don't give points for violence sorry, as violence doesn't make something good. It was done well mind you though, just don't score it. Some parts might have been funny had they not been ripped straight from the film :-/

Main think to take from this is be imaginative and come up with your own ideas, plot, lines, etc. Well done though

Cheers, Daniel

i liked it

Probably the best looking stick movie I've seen, I loved the feel of it. Unfortunately I haven't seen Sin City but I still loved it. Great job.

Loved the mixture of Rodriguez films. That man is an amazing director. And you sir, you are an amazing artist and Flash creator. Great work

though, I haven't seen the movie i can tell you were going to the same style, voices were good, animation smooth, nice visual style, but it was too short, dose that much animation take up that much memory?

first time ive ever not taken points off for it being sticks.
that was seriously a frekkin awesome flash.
got some real style and great talent.

Seriously sick shit.
2 thumbs way up.

ya know, that was really good, but it deserved somthing better than sticks going around doing this stuff. the quality of your animation on everything else was awsome, but the sticks were the weak point. good animation, good sound, good voice-overs, okay story-line. Just PLEASE replace the sticks. your animation deserves better than this

this suked really bad

Not bad, but not good, with some work it could be good, a bit longer and better looking maybe.

some parts it was good and some parts you need to work hard.

I admit it is a good stick flash. I like it.

I was just wondering though. If the cop was framed, then he's a fugitive running from the law --a suspect of a murder. So why are there mercenaries after him? If they kill him, he'll be a victim.

Well, that's just one way of thinking it. Good job and keep it up.

This flash was nearly perfect, except some of the scenes were a little sketchy and when someone was shot, it looked like 'super sauce' came out of their wound. I almost voted 1 because I couldn't hear the audio...then I turned up my speaker. Great flash overall. 3/5

I seen you were looking at getting the Sin City Style, Congrats you got it good, pretty kool flash there
well done !

Good animation and the imported sequence (the car), great !
The professional style is also well mixed with the "cheap".
...maybe great soundtrack !

i usually dont like violence because ppl just miss their shot really bad. they make a flash movie because they had a bad day or what/ever. but you didn't.

great job

It was tremendously well done! I enjoyed it a lot. The voice acting was really good. So good it makes me doubt you did them yourself (but I still believe you). I can tell your strengths aren't in drawing, since your backgrounds and the car were done really nicely but the people weren't drawn very well. Did you make it Stick City beacuse you could only draw sticks or because thats the style you wanted?

You should try drawing real people. It would've made the scene where the main character puts a bullet through the guy's head more effective (where it goes white on black).

They should make Sin City-esque movies their own NG genre.

Anyways, superb movie.

I could definitely see this becoming a series. (And hope it does. @_@)

The only thing that baffles me is where he pulls that shotgun from. Is it inside a non-existant sleeve, or something? Regardless, great work.

very well done!
possible series?

that was one of the best stiks in have ever seen and the only good entry I have seen all night

Loved it and your use of 3D effects... one thing though... Why was their blood white? and your stick dude kinda sounded like Keanu Reeves...

dude that was really sweet, i normally hate stick movies with an innapropriate passion but if stick movies like this come out more often i might just change my mind, good job, realy loved the animation and the style

That Was Phuckin Insane! Awesome Job!

And the crowd goes wild *cheering*
Lol, You're gonna regret throwin that gun away, lol I love it!

excellent job best stick flash ive seen in a while. keep up the good job. good job it looks like a special feature in SIN City

I absolutely abhor stick movies...but this one just blew me away. You've got some serious skill...good show!

This was a very good movie, keep up the good work!

I love to see new stuff like this. That was beautiful. True to form, and it looked pretty slick, too. I commend thee.

DAMn that was really sexy dude. Your soooo gonna be saved boy. Loved it and should get some award. Cant wait for more episodes if any. Love the parody

I loved this. I would love to see more like it.

Dude great job havent seen any stick flash this good ina while.

I haven't seen a flash this good in along time. great job.

great stuff. Sin City i mean Stick City was awsome man... more to come ?

The voice overs were well done and the action was very smooth. This deserves some props!

yeaper! front page worthy!


yes man i like that nice movie !!! and nice jobe !!!

it was indeed a very very well animated movie, but the whole movie is a blatant copy of sin city, although there are some differences between sin city and your movie, i have to take a point off for unoriginality.

best of luck for the future

now, ive seen good movies in my time, ive seen awsome movies in my time

but this is over the scale for the best stick movie,

you have to make a series on this

im begging you to please make a series


i loved the movie and the graphic novel, and this does justice to both. I recognized the music from Unreal Tournament even before the credits, as it is one of my favorites. I'm working on a Flsh that incorporates a song from UT2K4, and only hope it works as well as your's.

Now that's what I call, a butt kicking good flash video..I give it a 5! Tight job mate..

you don't see many stick movies done like this. hope you make more. like this.

wow a good stick movie this is a very very rare occurence

I love this flash it has a great story the charecters are styled and I just love it keep upp the great work!!!


Best iv'e seen so far! I liked how you made the blood white instead of red!

Damn that was some good stuff, characters were styled, everything was great except they are stiks but it works anyway

i absolutly loved it, dont think it could have been any better, i hope to see more of you.


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