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Paranoid Skitzo

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I've been very busy lately. This is all I have to offer, it's more a showcase of the song that plays during the animation than the animation itself. The animation is very simplistic, using tweens and occasional frame by frame. It was alot of fun to make this song and this movie, and that's what paid off the most, as i didn't have a great amount of fun making any of my previous movies. So I hope you like it, hopefully I'll come up with another idea soon that really gets me motivated.

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pure genius!

Soo good!

loved it!

undescribly good! for me! i find it amaziing!

made me shake!

the meaning and everything to me is very good!

I liked it.

I Thought EvERything AbOUT this caARTOON was good. It really had me sucked in..I think it desSCRIBES My WORLD peRFEctly....i met up 2 a few symptons...anywayz...Cheers mate...

Nice, man.

Great song. The animation/drawings were not up to that of your other movies. But I understand being busy and all. Can't wait for Carl the Vampire, man! But this was an ok flash. Great song though, man

not bad one

well, the graphics were a bit shaky in this one, but it was a pretty good animation. i liked the plot to this one and i liked your efforts in this one too, it was a pretty cool animation.... just needed some better drawings.

Thanx for being acurate

To back up what that other guy said in his review thank you for being acurate in portraying schizophrenia and the feeling a person diagnosed with it experience. Like the other person who posted I have dealt with/ am still dealing with this illness, and Bad/unacurate info just makes people upset and add to a negative misinformed media. So once again thank you. O and great song by the way.

HippoOfDoom responds:

Thank you, yes this song isn't just pointless, it is filled to the brim with correct information about Paranoid Schizophrenia, and for that I am happy. Of course it's not work that would or should be respected on newgrounds, because alot of the people who go here are complete idiots. But I have nothing against those idiots, i for one also like to sometimes watch a violent bloodbath cartoon. It's a good stress reliever.

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4.18 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2005
4:29 PM EST