Clock Crew Halloween

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I started this about four days before Halloween so that's why it's so short but I feel like I've really done myself proud, so watch, vote on the quality you think the movie is which is worth a vote of 5. Yeah. WATCH!


Humourous, good storyline, excellent animation...

This flash was the first clock flash to actually appeal to my senses. From what I gathered form the actions of the characters, I guess it was halloween night and everyone was moving about trick or treating and doing other things. Many things included like when those two monsteres are attracted to one anouther, and that skull smoking with smoke coming out of his eyes, make this a very funny movie for all ages. The animation was detailed and extravagant. Every character was unique and of course had a clock somewhere on it's body. :) Good job, keep it up!!


Your art is amazing!
I had to view it in low quality.

Excellent, but...

...even on low quality it was kind of jerky

probably just my computer's fault, so not gonna mark you down for it or anything. I liked it, and I think I understand where you're getting at about dragonblade. He may very well turn out to be a great clock, especially if other clocks help him out and teach him.

But I digress. Good movie, I enjoyed it.

Melior responds:

I had to make fun of somebody so I thought why not DragonBlade? And yes it does indeed lag ALOT, changing it to low quality doesn't do anything as it's filters and such but since making this movie I have found some techniques to make it less laggy, this movie lags like fuck on my computer but it is 10 years old.

Very well done

I added it to my favorites.

Melior responds:

Merci young clawk.

<See below.>

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Melior responds:

OMGWTF WHY R U VOTIN 0?!.>!>!!>!> Oh wait...
Thanks man.

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3.28 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2005
8:27 AM EST
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