Mortal Kombat Mishaps 2

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Update 10/09: check out MK Mishaps Gold, My latest installment. http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/511831

Update 01/08: a special version of the MK Mishap trilogy with audio commentary is now available on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=4rCDmcGmlUI

*The audio sync has now been fixed.I will prevent these glitches from happening in the next episodes.*
**I'm noticing that some of you are recording this flash and posting it on YouTube. I don't really mind you guys doing that, but AT LEAST give me credit for it! On another note, I also have a Youtube account (hitthefloor729) so think twice before posting it there.**
4th place,again? oh well,I'm cool with that.
another flash in the front page archive and in an MK collection. Thanks!!

Flash #15
Read before Watching.
After four and a half months, the second installment of MK Mishaps is here! I decided to use the same formula like I did with the last one(slapstick comedy, wrestling, pop culture references & no toilet humor) including a few new twists. However, due to the file size I could only make 6 this time instead of 8, mainly because I changed the fps in this one from 12 to 20. I wish I could've made more in this one without passing the 5 MB limit... If anyone has any tips in compressing flash movies (besides audio optimization) it will be greatly appreciated.The buttons and sounds have also been improved in this flash compared to part 1.

the Jokes are:
1.A Wrestler's Pyro Fatality-->Featuring one of the WWE's favorite bad guys.( most "heel" Wrestlers are known to be cheap)
2.World's Most Annoying "Friendship"--->Take a guess...
3.The Subway Mishap-->Do I need to explain this one?
4.A Street Fighter's Interference-->Ken "Casanova" returns in this short.
5.Scorpion's Misfire-->The name says it all.
6.Smoke's Only Weakness...-->Is there really a way to stop that crazy robot? Find Out!

These parodies are done purely for entertainment and do not reflect my opinion on other gags related to MK.If you're likely to get offended by any of them,don't be. It's made for fun!
Enjoy the second installment and thanks for all the support everyone!


liked the first one and liked this one

but what kind of bar would be non-shmoking? and why is it usualy mk and street fighter,what about tekken,they have been around since 95 or somthing,anyways most radical flash

HadoukenDude responds:

I have never seen a 2D version of Tekken before (The GBA version is 3D).
MK and SF were known to be the main rival games of the same fighting genre before Tekken and the KOF series arrived and that's why most fans prefer to remember them that way.

thanks for your review.

I love this flash

I love MK spoofs and this one was funny as hell. I love the kane and smoke weakneed spoof. I lauged my ass off. Keep up the great work.

In the words of jr "Thew hell,fire and brimestone" this flash rules!!!!

omg that was funny...

that was funny mk is such a kool game and that spoof is funny i think you should have got 1st plz make more

Now that

Was funny as hell i can't wait for part 3 good job.My favorite part when Smoke was being chase and he try to get in the club but there was a smokeimh sign good job.

funny as hell

brilliant flash, very funny. only thing i spotted was the mistiming of the punch by reptile and the soundeffect of the punch.
what am i talking about...that was f****** awesome

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Oct 30, 2005
2:37 AM EST
Comedy - Parody