the best flash movie ever

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This is the Best flash movie ever to grace the screens of Newgrounds! This movie is nothing short of brilliant excellence! A MUST SEE!


Good One!

Yes, it's short, but I don't think most people get the joke. Did anybody notice the title? "The Greatest Flash Movie Ever"?

Nice. The guy just moves in an endless loop.

Now, don't be fooled-

It's a one-liner, and if I were forced to: A.) watch this movie forever, or B.) Have squirrels gnaw my testicles until Brittany Spears becomes a talented actress, I'd go with the testicle thing.

I chuckled. That's all it will ever get from me, and I think that that's all the author was going for.



not the worst flash ever

but not the best flash by far. this is the funniest flash I've seen in a while because it amazes me how just some tweens in a background can make it pass judgement. I hope this is A: a joke or B(added on to your title): the best flash I've made so far. That's what it should be called. Keep practicing and in a while you'll be up there with the best (possibly) or you might not be the kind of person who has talent at flash, like me. I'm just here to A: Blam/protect entries and B: to reviiew flash. Everyone. This must be his first flash - go easy on him. This isn't very good, but I'm giving him 5 because most of you people who gave this 0 haven't made a flash.


what the f&$%

ha ha ha!

you actuly tricked people into watching this Metaknight1000 this was a trick

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Lay off the Pot for sec. :P

Um... It look like you been trip out on drug. lol Otherwise, need more work..

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Jun 28, 2000
5:36 PM EDT