To the portal: day 1

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www.omglaserspewpew.com now open!!!

arrow keys: move
spacebar: jump
Hopefully there will be 5 of these games, and they will get better with the more I make don't worry. The storyline is on the loadscreen. In day 1 you must get past 2 worlds in 10 levels. i know it's easy but hey, it's something to do! Please leave reveiws, I will respond to all of them.


Ok.. its good..

i liked it hope to see some more!

-Justin :D

mooseisloose responds:

next will prolly be out in the next few days :D

ummm interesting

u have a nice concept here, put a poorly made game. first of all make some kidn of enemies instead of just platforms. make the jumping higher and more smooth so u don't hit the edge of the platform and bounce up again. Also don't make the guy just a flash file. give him legs and arms and eyes or wutever. I would have like a sort of life meter ranked out of 5. and it must be kept above 1 or 1.5 or sumthing or else u get blammed (die). keep working on this

mooseisloose responds:

Good ideas, but I'm quite poor at actionscript. I will try to do as many of these as i can.

Not bad

I mean it was kinda lame, but at least the AS was good. The animation was clean, but kind of plain.

I protected your post, but I would expect Day 2 to have a bit more beef in it. I think the whole idea of a flash file traveling to the portal through random areas makes me laugh though.

The game, also, is very easy. I'm just trying to throw out ideas to help you out.

Good luck on Day 2!

mooseisloose responds:

Thanks for the ideas and thanks for the good luck :)

it won't load

I don't know if it is my computer
but i see the good drawn dear and then the game doesn't load
so i can't give you protection points :{

mooseisloose responds:

its a moose lol, its my site logo. You must have flashplayer8 for this to work by the way :)


u carryed on recoreding lol. i only wish it where that easy to get something onto the portal.

mooseisloose responds:

lol yeah, but remember, thats only day 1, they will get better and harder to complete.

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Oct 29, 2005
10:36 AM EDT
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