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8 hours of work and about 1000 frames.
WES helped me with the replay button so now it actually works. Hope you enjoy the new feature

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Nice FBF flash

The graphics in this flash were quite good and FBF-ish. Around 1000 frames isn't bad. The animation in this flash was nice. The sound, the music was good. I found this flash interesting with the animation. Just one thing, the flash wouldn't stop at the replay button. :S Other than that, nice work.

I'm suprised this diden't get a higher score...

This was pretty sweet. The whole chalkboard art style was very cool. :D

DEWHER responds:

hehe why thank ya. I like the style so i gave it a whirl.

A message FOR the public.

...well, I kinda liked your heart-animation-man-thing. It was fat and poke-worthy, and I wanted to make it bleed. I didn't the any of the other characters though. ...at least the drawings kind of went with the song. ...didn't like how the 'empty room' just popped outta the middle. It woulda probably looked better with some kind of frame around it or something, or some other fade in/out or something, I dunno. I was just, kinda, there, ...floating.

And in response to your response to the reviewer a little below me... TOUGH! I hate when people say shit like, "Ohh, well, what have you submitted!?" .. "I haven't seen you submit anything!" .. "It's better than anything YOU'VE done, NOOB!" ...listen, people like him/me, we're called the "public". When you submit something to a website, viewed and reviewed by the public, you're going to get a voice from the public. Oh, gee, I didn't know we all had to be "flash scientests" to tell if we liked your animation or not... ...TOUGH. I'm not here to vote on time-trials. I'm here to tell you what "I" think about your flash, whether you like it or not. And if you don't like hearing bad reviews, then don't ever submit anything ever again! Capeech?

Now, I know it seems I'm comin' down a little hard on you, but keep in mind I mean that for the whole lot of you with those same lame responses to reviews. Next time, try, "I'm sorry. I'll try better next time." Thanks.

DEWHER responds:

The one that you are talking about. He could have at least been a little bit more creative like you did with you comment. I apreciate it and maybe ill fix it up a lil bit more and re submit it.(i will probally send a message ur way telling u this. All i said was "do something better." since all he said was mine was crap and didnt have any imput on it what so ever unlike you. So in my view i dont think was pretty just in how i said it. Maybe if he had someinthing on how to make it cleaner then i wouldnt have responded how i did to him/ or her. ty for your comment

Good style

Although it wasnt very original it was still pretty stylish and i kind of liked it. The graphics of course werent great all the way through but some of them flowed well enough. I say that this is pretty good but there of course is some room for improvement.
Oh and as a side note, come up with a little more original style :)
But anyways still okay 6/10

DEWHER responds:

I thank you for liking it.Well it was my first flash so of course it isnt just blowing ur mind.(wish i could do that but thatd be on a later note when that will happen.)I tried to flow it as best as i can. I did rush sorta cus add tends to make u get bored so i tried my best. The next one. Shall be better for sure. maybe in the future it will eve be a faster frame rate.


This is in no way original, or even in the least sense good.

DEWHER responds:

do something better...

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3.05 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2005
4:50 PM EDT
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