StarWars:The Rebel Threat

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Turn off the lights and wear headphones.

Imagine how hard a hit is that it breaks the hardest glass.



it was pretty good but there are a few things:
1. darth vader didnt really sound that great.
2. Storm troopers r not clones and shouldn't have been in the clone trooper armour.

but besides that it was pretty decent keep up the good wrk!

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Gus-Saldanha responds:

I can only say i decided to use a white clone armor because it is the beginnings of the empire. I suppose later it changed. I did it on purpose, it is not exactly a mistake, or maybe it is.


good job its cool and all, a bit short though not much happening and
i disagree with bondgamer, the plot is of starwars duhhh u never seen a movie?

Where was the plot?

I can sum up the plot in two sentances: Darth Vadar walks into a room and throws a guy against the wall. He walks out of the room and the glass breaks throwing him into space.

The graphics was good. The sound was good. The only thing missing was a plot. The plot is the biggest part of a movie. A movie with good graphics and bad plot will always be bad, but a movie with bad graphics and good plot can go either way.

That was awesome!

This is one of my favorites!Don't listen to the jerk who just left you nasty review.I'd like to see him do any better.You did a great job!!!I look forward to more movies from you!=)


This flash really honors everything that is Star Wars:

- bad plot
- pointless dialogues
- dumb and ugly characters
- terrible music

Great Work! This is really as crappy as the films themselves!

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3.50 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2005
12:30 AM EDT
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